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Where the future of fashion is headed – VPRO documentary technology documentary 2021

What is the future of fashion and where is the fashion industry heading to? What kind of future do fashion pioneers think of and how do they try to change the way of thinking about fashion? A documentary about the future and a new way of approach to fashion.
Every year more than 100 billion new garments are produced. A third of that is never sold, worn and shredded or burned. In the global race for the fastest production at the lowest prices, the fashion and clothing industry has developed into a dazzling Fast Fashion system. That system is not only based on exploitation, but also responsible for 10% of global CO2 emissions. How can we change fashion and still enjoy it?

Backlight shows five future fashion pioneers who make their industry future-proof by experimenting with new fabrics, reuse and hi-tech design. Their ‘fashion of the future’ goes far beyond sustainability alone. They also force us to look differently at beauty and the role that clothing plays in our lives. During the Fashion Week in London, the British duo Vin + Omi presents a haute couture collection made with fabrics based on plants and plastic bottles. The Amsterdam label Hacked By is experimenting with the reuse of clothing surpluses, in collaboration with the large fashion chains that produce these surpluses. And the Flemish designer Jasna Rokegem presents the possibility of clothing, which is made every morning by a 3D printer. Or will we all in the future wear that one ultimate piece of clothing that changes with our moods, protects us against bacteria, repairs itself and never needs to be washed?

Almost weekly the fast fashion carousel spits out new collections. The production time between the catwalks in Paris, London and Milan and the clothes racks of the big chains such as H & M and Zara is shorter than ever. Fashion has become affordable and accessible to everyone, but we buy too much and the clothing industry pollutes the planet. The surpluses of returned and unsold garments are accumulating. Even African countries do not want the discarded new clothing anymore, because it disrupts internal production. Every second a truck full of new textiles is burnt somewhere. Getting out of this vicious cycle turns out to be difficult for consumers, designers and producers, and still – a difference can be made.

Original title: Future fashion

With: Vin + Omi (fashion designers), Orsola de Castro (founder Fashion Revolution), Jasna Rokegem (digital designer, inventor and founder Jasna Rok), Otto von Busch (author, teacher at Parsons School of Design, New York) and Francisco van Benthum & Alexander van Slobbe (fashion designers and founders Hacked By).
Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2018.
© VPRO Backlight December 2018

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Director: Bregtje van der Haak Research: Nina Huisman
Producer: Olivier Schuringa
Camera: Jean Counet
Camera New York: Remco Blikkers
Editing: Rémi van der Heiden
Sound: Rik Meier, Mark Wessner, Tony Leonardo, Benny Jansen
Commissioning Editors: Marije Meerman, Doke Romeijn
Online editor: Erik van den Berg

With special thanks to Snowshill Alpacas,
Brookes University, Andaz Hotel, Meghna Gupta

English, French and Spanish subtitles: Ericsson.
French and Spanish subtitles are co-funded by European Union. .

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Where the future of fashion is headed - VPRO documentary

Where the future of fashion is headed – VPRO documentary

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Where the future of fashion is headed – VPRO documentary
technology documentary 2021
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35 thoughts on “Where the future of fashion is headed – VPRO documentary technology documentary 2021”

  1. Can we have a software to design a wear so it can be customisable and then made? I mean, it seems like a great business.
    It shouldn't be much more expensive since everything is being automated nowadays anyway.

    The point being that companies overdo the variables to get everybody to pick something to themselves out of them so we might skip the overdoing by simply asking what they want.

  2. You should try to post this documentary in platform like NETFLIX or AMAZON, in Italy. People NEED to know, NEED to Understand. In Italy a lot of people don't know anything about, we are one of the first country about fashion…and people simply don't know.

  3. Wow, what's the surprise the privileged oppressing colonizer design the problem, take advantage of the problem, then turn around and look for the solution to their problem that they caused which can never be solved by them because they are the problem. They have full control over every aspect of how the economy is ran.

  4. Catwalk pieces are costumes, not wearable clothes for every day by an average person. Collections are useless. Where do you see those pieces being sold in clothing stores anyway? The models look hideous, poor people. Save that material and create wearable pieces for the public that the models would want to put on too and not feel stupid and/or naked. Let's just start there if you want to start going sustainable.

  5. How about we just reause the clothes fabric that didn't sell for other things such as hair accessories, gloves,hats, scarfs,socks, accessories in general, animal clothes or better still giving them the homeless or people who financialy struggle instead of shredding them and in consequence polluting the earth and damaging the environment,it's just a suggestion so I'm basically saying keep on using the clothes fabric like in a circle and keep on using and using and never stop so you don't have any waste even the small little bits can be used to make ruffled blankets and pillows like a sort of fluff material so as I said just a suggestion for the problem. Hope the world gets better well done.😊👍

  6. Interesting premise but, fashion has a one of two purposes – get you laid, or get you compliments. If the alternative can't do either, you're pissing in the wind.

  7. Today when more and more people are making sustainable conscious choices, there still seems to be a gap between what most of the buyers seem to be professing and practising. Codogirl is a sustainable fashion brand allowing its users to buy and sell second hand designer bags, clothes, and accessories. We're trying to understand how you make fashion choices when it comes to sustainability. Please take this survey to answer 5 straight forward questions and help us understand how you see sustainable fashion –

  8. We just need to buy few high-quality pieces that we can wear a lifetime. And pass on. Same thing with our furniture and home decor. There’s an antique wall rug in my parents house 100 year old. As well as a Persian rug that’s around my age 37. I don’t know how many rugs I’ve bought from target and Walmart in the past 20 years my family has cast iron skillet’s older than me how many times have a ball pots and pans from target. I think I am finished buying cheap shit for my home. Same thing with my fashion. Only going to buy things I know will last and that are classic not trendy and when something falls apart I’m going to use it for something else quiltcleaning rags etc. I think H&M Needs to end

  9. This might seem like a naive question: Isn't it pretty wastefull to design and produce clothes no one's ever going to wear (except once from the model to show it off, and maybe twice from the buyer for the same purpose on one event)?

  10. Absolutely Not The Future, Literally No One Wants To Broadcast Their Emotions, What The Hell For? Even Less Privacy? 100% Dead in The Water Idea.

  11. Fashion is a total loss of time. It's arrogant, empty. No clothes are ever gonna make you intelligent, a nice person or solve your self esteem issues. Tax the hell out of these brands so that they clean their shit and offset the cost that all of us have to bear so that a few hysterical useless designers may compete for the queen bee podium. This is ludicrous. Our societies deserve more than fashionistas.

  12. Nice work on not only pointing out the problem with fashion, but also sharing possible solutions. The system can be changed when enough people take collective action.

  13. The people at the top are increasingly blinded by their own (I hate to use the word:) FEELINGS.
    We'd all be wearing grey jumpsuits if they could have their way without resistance.
    …and you've got to try something on to see if it fits before you buy it….where have all the models gone?

  14. "They" are already collecting personal information on us! We don't need our c!othes to now read and download our emotions too, which can then be collected as meta-data. Our emotions are much more powerful than the facts "they" now collect about us. The high-tech designer makes it all look so wonderful and innocent – or else she's incredibly naive!

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