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Home » We're NERVOUS About *THIS* || Car Crisis ALL OVER AGAIN??? i financed a car and don’t want it

We're NERVOUS About *THIS* || Car Crisis ALL OVER AGAIN??? i financed a car and don’t want it

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UGH! There are NEW concerns that make us think the car crisis may be far from over. After a few weeks of good data, we are thinking new supply chain issues could make the car crisis drag on further.

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We're NERVOUS About *THIS* || Car Crisis ALL OVER AGAIN???

We're NERVOUS About *THIS* || Car Crisis ALL OVER AGAIN???

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#We39re #NERVOUS #Car #Crisis
We're NERVOUS About *THIS* || Car Crisis ALL OVER AGAIN???
i financed a car and don’t want it
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39 thoughts on “We're NERVOUS About *THIS* || Car Crisis ALL OVER AGAIN??? i financed a car and don’t want it”

  1. Ford has had a history of over valuing their vehicles for years, when you compare similar trim levels of GM or especially Dodge/Ram you get far more for your money with the other big manufacturers. Considering the cheaper appearing plastics & materials used on Fords & their horrid track record of unreliability for several decades now their executives are disconnected with the common folk buying their vehicles, so seeing them raising their MSRP doesn't surprise me at all & I've owned a couple dozen of their cars & trucks over the years.

  2. Was pleased with my Maverick order that finally showed up November 27th . Price was same as sticker price and no price gouging other then the taxes and fees. Was disappointed on trade of my old vehicle . 2012 Ford Focus that I will sale myself.

  3. Dealership model is wishful thinking. EVs are the future and there is NO maintenance. I only rotate and balance my tires and that is tru for my 2013 Leafs and my Teslas. Maintenance is the ONLY revenue that keeps dealerships in business.

  4. I can only speak, hum, write for myself. I imagine many of us do not have much of a choice but pay these exorbitant prices. I suspect there might be a great many of us who could use their aged cars/trucks longer. We were planning to buy a new vehicle in 2021 when this folly started (computer chips, Covid, logistics, opportunistic price gouging, etc.). We drive a 2000 Pathfinder and will drive it to the ground before being taken advantage of by neo-gangsters defined by their predatory behaviour. According to the American Community Survey (ACS), public transportation commuters constituted about 5 percent of all workers in the United States in 2019. It is estimated that 83% of the U.S. population lives in urban areas. I wonder how many of us (referring to people living in cities with public transit infrastructure) are able to forego being held hostage and start using public transit, increasing from the current 5% to maybe 25% or higher. When will these gouging opportunists be shown that many of us will not be taken advantage of unfairly for personal gain? When car manufacturers see the sales go down, when dealerships see their cars remain on their lots unsold, what will happen to prices? Would I be wrong to think they will go lower and be fairer?

  5. As long as people are using loans to pay for cars consumers will overspend, and cars will keep getting more expensive. Same for health care with insurance and homes.

  6. Things can only change for the better if there’s more true competition , more choices and government needs to back off on a lot of their requirements. A lot of the safety measures won’t work anyway. The cars are too light and some too small in the first place. They’re not safe on inception.

  7. Dealers are destroying their future business. Most automakers will push to move to a direct to consumer model like Tesla and the only reason dealers are still in business is that they have some lobbying power at the state level. By creating so much ill will with consumers their lobbying power will lose its effectiveness and politicians at the state level will no longer be able to serve them and protect their interests.
    EV makers are not suffering from a chip shortage and production is increasing exponentially, may we should change the name from chip shortage to bad design trap. Legacy automakers have poor electrical designs even in their newest cars, they use old chips and have too many ECUs (VW and Ford have twice as many ECUs in their newest models, VW ID.4 and Mach-E, as Tesla as seen on Munro Live analysis).

  8. I have an F150, but going forward I’m going to buy something more American – A Toyota Tundra – Built in Texas without unions with more US manufactured components and quality that’s far beyond Ford

  9. Tesla is not a trillion dollar company because they sell direct, they are a trillion dollar company because investors believe (correctly, or otherwise) that their future value of the company is worth this current valuation

  10. Hyper inflation is on the horizon. The Fed reserve and Congress throwing trillions of fake dollars into the economy has ballooned the housing and stock market’s. People are taking out equity lines and spending like crack addicts. Take it from old guy who has seen this show before , this will end very very badly.

  11. The proposed raised prices make the flawed assumption that the economic structure otherwise remains stable. However, consider that the price of oil, gasoline, and all other energy is forecast to triple.

  12. Somewhere along the line dealers figured out how to lie, manipulate and rob you legally. Unfortunately, it's the American way. Cigarette companies killed people for years through advertising. Food companies stuff chemicals and high fructose corn syrup which causes inflamation in food. Cable bills…corporations lie…Government lies…supermarkets research how to get you to pay more….the list goes on. Greed and lack of morals are the rules.

    These days, and it's sad to say, consumers must research before they play the game. And these days, life is nothing but a friggin game. Just sell me a car without trying to trick me, wear me down or intentionally overcharge me.

  13. Curious on your guys thoughts about the car companies being greedy and raising the cost of new cars because they can, and the coming invasion of cheaper Chinese built vehicles. In the next few years. Will people be so fed up with the price of new vehicles that they will flock to the cheaper Chinese vehicles? And they will be sold online directly to the customers.

  14. Do you think the US big three will start to lower their quality control on ICE cars due to the current economic conditions and to start to steer the consumer towards EV’s?

  15. Just recently preordered a car and currently waiting for it to come in. We have agreed on out the door costs and put my $500 deposit down. Can the dealer still raise the price of MSRP after numbers have already been agreed upon?

  16. There's got to be some kind of payback from the public the dealerships have gone too far allready maybe we will wait for vehicles from China we certainly don't owe them any favours

  17. Why does nobody talk about a major flaw in all electric vehicles, that of cold weather. The battery life and useful mileage available per charge in cold weather is a disgrace. My Tesla (2019) can normally get around 300 miles per charge, however in the winter, the total miles drops to around 175. per charge. For this reason alone I'm selling my Tesla and would never buy another electric vehicle until this major flaw is eliminated..

  18. COVID will never be over….there will always be another strain. As soon as you accept that headwind reality, and understand how that affects policy, supply chain, etc, the better you will be.

    Second, prices are high in part, because people continue to pay it.

  19. So much greed. For those who are on a fixed income, or lower end of income stratum, owning a vehicle is officially out of reach. What they are asking for a used vehicle is insane. This is also going to impact those that are trying to work in a lower wage job, who now cannot afford a vehicle to get to work. This is going to have a significant impact on employers who are struggling to fill lower paying jobs. How do working parents drop their children off and get to work without a running vehicle??? This is totally messed up!

  20. I'll be in need of a vehicle soon but not willing to pay extra most of these new vehicles are overpriced for what features it doesn't even have compared to the competition

  21. Don't take consumers for granted, once they wake up to being grossly ripped off by Manafactures the blow back will be epic………..short term gain and greed will burn them.

  22. Those executives at Ford are fools. They happen to be getting that right now simply because the demand is there and the supply is low. If they think that the consumer will continue to do this, they're out of their minds. And it truly shows you how out of touch the corporations are with everyone else.

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