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Home » TRUTH of The Finance Hub THE FRAUD Dylan Himmerich #WalkAway finance hub

TRUTH of The Finance Hub THE FRAUD Dylan Himmerich #WalkAway finance hub

TRUTH of The Finance Hub & SCAMMER Dylan Himmerich #WalkAway

#WalkAway From These Fake Republicans, Conservatives & Public Figures!

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#TheFinanceHub #SCAMMER #TheBusinessHub #DylanHimmerich

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TRUTH of The Finance Hub THE FRAUD Dylan Himmerich #WalkAway

TRUTH of The Finance Hub THE FRAUD Dylan Himmerich #WalkAway

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#TRUTH #Finance #Hub #FRAUD #Dylan #Himmerich #WalkAway
TRUTH of The Finance Hub THE FRAUD Dylan Himmerich #WalkAway
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49 thoughts on “TRUTH of The Finance Hub THE FRAUD Dylan Himmerich #WalkAway finance hub”

  1. Dylan Himmerich did report on some very hard core, compelling news with excellent sources and videos very quickly way back but it is becoming clear that him and his partners got something going on and kinda sold out. Maybe there were disagreements, who knows. Funny how you can spend extra time and wait a little longer on FREE news instead of paying like $5 a month to see on his Patreon, Business Hub, etc. channels. Crazy to see their videos deleted and NOT censored or deleted from YouTube itself. What we do know now is all the juicy stuff is overshadowed BIG time by his clickbait and rise in misleading videos (thumbnails, basic articles, titles, etc.).

    I'm pretty sure that we can agree that his sister Hillary Hill (actually banned for actually being real) is way better, I don't remember where she posts now though. I could be wrong about some things but not about how somewhat fraudulent and sketchy Dylan's network of channels are, so many of us noticed. When you have been a fan when it was all good for a while, it's only reasonable to call out the truth especially when such a network suddenly takes a turn or two in the wrong direction.

    Edit: it turns out he is a known "scammer" on the Rideshare Hub and others before the politics.

  2. He is a liar, he's a click batter, I watched some of his videos and every single one the first 3min. he begged for money, subscriptions and "likes and shares" and sometimes he would post 4-10 posts every single day but it would be the SAME THING he would just put a different pic of him looking frazzled and "tweek" the wording, I subscribed but left soon after. If Jim and Tammi Faye Baker had a kid, it would be him, he is a master money manipulater
    , after 1/6 and now he suddenly has

  3. Thank you angelo. I watched a few videos of his and found them a bit fishy. No one needs to pay $5.00 a month to hear information that you can find out yourself on the internet.

  4. The bastard's channel is re-filled with videos again, but this time only the videos he uploaded regarding STIMULUS updates. Looks like he will go for another round to scam people! SPREAD THE WORD.

  5. I would often navigate to his videos for a laugh, he just read stuff off the internet as if it was "FACT". After the inauguration I was hoping to see a video claiming trump still had a path to victory and it was a BIG WIN….LOL!!!

  6. The RIDESHARE HUB videos are still up. Apparently that channel was about UBER AND LYFT. Seems many in the comments already know about his scam.

  7. 3:40 Well, Angelo if we're keeping it real, I'll make an analogy. You've stated (correctly I believe) that not calling out The Finance Hub makes you a party to the deception. Well, YouTube content providers that stay here are complicit in censorship. We all know what big tech is doing and staying here, while I completely understand WHY you are, is enabling tramplers of free speech such as YT. I'm imploring you to start migrating to Rumble and/or other free speech sources like Gab. As long as you've already created the content, you might as well post it there too, to start building your presence in those places. The RIGHT reason to do this is principle, but if that's not convincing enough, know that they're coming for you too, Angelo, if you get big enough, and I hope that you do. (If you already do have content on other platforms, let us know so that we can all migrate with you!)

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out –

    Because I was not a Socialist

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists and I did not speak out –

    Because I was not a Trade Unionist

    Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out –

    Because I was not a Jew

    Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.

    -Martin Niemoller

    – Big love from Goldie (your nicest subscriber lol)

  8. Thing is Dylan was just getting most of his "information" directly from Trump campaign fundraising emails. Trump's communications director has admitted they knew this voter fraud stuff was bullsh*t and they were just using it to keep getting donations. They raised hundreds of millions since the election and just used a few million to pay for their obviously ridiculous legal challenges. Anybody who gets their news from legitimate sources already knew this but a TON of Trump supporters use tabloid-quality sources like Newsmax and OAN that coordinate directly with Trump's people. Dylan was simply exploiting those same gullible Trump supporters.

  9. Well I'm extremely glad I found your channel. I can't believe some soy boy from California was able to deceive us and take advantage of the situation. I mean if you're up to it I guess you could be the new replacement you seem to be uploading at a consistent Pace as well and very good content too.

  10. F dylan! He's a piece of trash. Those of us that are not trumpers saw right thru it and trolled his channel like mad everyday just to make life harder for that arsehole.

  11. I know you guys are going through alot with the election and there are alot of grifters out there NOW and they know yall will fall for anything cus your vulnerable rightnow so you guys pls be careful cus they're out there. Sorry this guy played with you all emotions but let's stop him from doing this

  12. Two months ago he said he wanted to transition to finance hub. If it were me, all the rules YouTube gave him, flagged him, he just didn't want to deal with the bs. Plus they demonetized him. I would bail out too. I can tell he was pissed off with the whole Parler, censorship. I get it. Plus he was honest he quit his job. If he's providing value which he did on his vids. He was honest. He needs income and I understand. This morning he said he was shutting it. But now you're my new guy. I discovered u thru him like 5 min ago

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