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The Definition of Digital Marketing by Neil Patel the digital marketing


When it comes to digital marketing there’s a lot of confusion involved. What is digital marketing? What is it for? People make it a lot more complicated than it really is. But, it’s really easy to understand which is why I wanted to make this detailed introduction video that will just break it down for you. Today I’m going to break down the definition of digital marketing by me in my own words.

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Essentially, digital marketing is a form of marketing that encompasses the use of digital tools or channels to communicate to your audience.

A good example of this is a channel that you may use to communicate to your audience is Facebook. When you post on Facebook, whether you have one follower or a million, you’re communicating to your audience. If you use tools like mini chat to put a Facebook message out or text message out, that’s another example of using a tool to communicate to your audience. These are examples of digital marketing.

Now, businesses can leverage digital channels, such as social media, search engines, emails and other sites to connect with their audience, right. So, it’s not necessarily just the channels that you may be thinking of like Instagram or LinkedIn.

Search engines are a good example of a channel that’s super popular and so is email. I know a lot of people are saying that email is dying, but they’ve been saying that for over 10 years and trust me, it is not dead. It’s being used more and more and more because it’s a cornerstone of corporate communication.

Now, there’s many different aspects of digital marketing.

Well, when someone lands on your website, that’s your brand, that’s your presence. How are you communicating that message out when people land? That’s all part of digital marketing.

Just like when you post an image on Facebook, sometimes that image is a photo, other times it’s a graphic. You may be using tools like Canva which is free to create that image. Now, there’s also traditional marketing.

So, I want to break down digital marketing versus traditional marketing so that way there’s no confusion.

Traditional marketing is essentially the same idea as digital marketing except the idea of the online component or the digital component. For example, traditional marketing would be using tools like billboards, print ads, magazines, newspapers, direct mail, phone calls, like dialing and saying hey, would you buy X, Y and Z from me versus using WhatsApp, which would be more digital. Doing direct phone calls, that would be more traditional. In other words, traditional encompasses a form of physical marketing.

Digital would be using tools like social media channels, emails, search engine optimization, blogging. You pretty much get the picture. So, why does digital marketing matter?

Well, Google and Facebook generate more revenue than any other traditional media company out there because they control more eyeballs. That’s why digital marketing matters. It’s where the attention is.

Look around you. Odds are at least half the people that you’re looking at right now have a phone and are on it, right. I’m not talking about the phones in the pocket, I’m talking about they’re literally on their phones. They got the Apple AirPods in their ears or headphones, they’re doing something with their phone. That’s where people’s attention and eyes are. If that’s where their eyes and attention is that’s where there’s money to be made.

Now, how many of you actually look at billboards? Chances are, a bus comes by with a billboard or you see a billboard on the street, you probably ignore it. That’s why Google and Facebook are much bigger than any traditional media company out there.

So, is digital marketing worth it for your business? Well, chances are it is. It’s worth it for almost every business out there other than ones that are like government related, and the reason being is government type businesses are more contract basis where you don’t really need digital marketing for that.

But, typically for almost every single business you can do well through digital marketing. Now, if you’re not sure on where you can get started with digital marketing, you can use tools like Ubersuggest. You can type in any of your competitor URLs or if you don’t know your competitors you can type in any keywords and Ubersuggest will show you all the people rank for it. That’ll give you ideas for competitors.

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The Definition of Digital Marketing by Neil Patel

The Definition of Digital Marketing by Neil Patel

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The Definition of Digital Marketing by Neil Patel
the digital marketing
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24 thoughts on “The Definition of Digital Marketing by Neil Patel the digital marketing”

  1. I am so overwhelmed with marketing… our business started out on Etsy where we were spoiled with not having to do our own marketing… of course things changed and we suffered deeply for it. Now trying to "start over" is overwhelming on where to start. Watching all your videos from 3yrs ago to now is helping. Thank you!

  2. Neil is the master for Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing career for 2022 and it really helps with the new age companies to market themselves. Coming from a Digital Marketing agency myself I find these kind of videos very helpful for updating myself. We create Digital Marketing videos on topics specific for "Small Business Owners" in youtube channel to learn and implement from our Tips. Thanks for all the work Neil, you are an inspiration.

  3. Neil I'm glad you mentioned CRO and UX and design as I feel like they are left out a lot. It's hard to believe that a lot people still think of digital marketing as 'just social media'. I mentioned in my video and stress is not a thing. This is a solid video and really easy to understand! Thanks for putting this great content out 😇

  4. Very great man in frontier of Digital World. Been following you over podcasts and got me here. You are the source ,the centre of information that i wanna gather for my career. Keep up,Champ!

  5. I am wow!!!😲 At all your works Neil.
    Your contents are evergreen, thanks for this informative and most valuable contents.

    I have a question Neil I hope you will answer me just as you have been replying others on this channel.

    Here is my question what is the difference between ADVERTISING and DIGITAL MARKETING?

    Thanks in anticipation

  6. Thank you for this explanation, I'm in training for a digital marketing company called Dengage. It is a new company with all the features for communication for your customers. It is and international company designed to help companies reach out to your customers through emails, advertisements etc. I encurage all of you to check it out!

  7. Hello sir @neilpatel I am overwhelmed by the information for starting learning digital marketing .. i have been resding your blogs and watching youtube .. still don't know where to start .. could you help me for that too? 😊Love – Jinesh

  8. Hi Neil. I would like to create a service website and what will be your advice on the traffic. I also would like have ubersuggest can help me. I really appreciate your achievement.

  9. I tell lots of ppl about your expertisecompany, Neil. Who's better at this stuff than you (rhetorical). I've – for months, now realized – that I've really gotten lost w/learning some of EVERYTHING. I require help, to wisely manage my overall directional approaches. I'm interested in having a conversation about hiring your agency. Ppl love what we're about. I just have difficulty, ideally systematizing. I would love if we could get something that works, here. I belive, if anyone (including, 1-2 other sources possibly – max…) could help me best coalesce my company'sagency's vision… brother, it's you. Because, in addition, you seem a bit more approachable, even. I'm tired… but, I NEVER STOP GRINDING/LEARNIG/IMPROVING.

  10. Hey Neil, I have completed my Bachelors in Engineering (mechanical) last year. Now i want to learn digital marketing. I read about fundamentals of digital marketing course by google , so i am doing it now. After completing it, what should i do next?

  11. I don't agree with your definition. I don't thing digital and online marketing are the same thing. Some forms of marketing are offline but still digital. SMS it's digital marketing, a mega screen in Times square it's digital marketing to me.

  12. Thanks for this, Neil! I've been given an interview for an apprenticeship in digital marketing that I'd absolutely love to get. I'm just having a browse around preparing for any questions I may be faced with and this was so useful!

  13. Hlo sir, I have quotes based website and since last 3-4 days ago i was sent my website to Google adsense but it can not give me adsense. So my question is google does not give adsense approval to quotes website??

  14. Hello Neil 👋, I m just starting out in SEO, The hard part of SEO is , I can't analyze, is it working for me or not ? The process is very confusing ! Make a video ,and provide blueprint/ step by step to understand SEO processand it's working or not.

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