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The computer is taking over | J. Krishnamurti j krishnamurti technology

The computer is taking over | J. Krishnamurti
Extract from Public Talk 5, Madras, India, 1981

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The computer is taking over | J. Krishnamurti

The computer is taking over | J. Krishnamurti

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The computer is taking over | J. Krishnamurti
j krishnamurti technology
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20 thoughts on “The computer is taking over | J. Krishnamurti j krishnamurti technology”

  1. TRANSCRIPT 1/2: So together we are going into the whole question why knowledge, intellectual, knowledge through experience, knowledge which we have acquired through tradition, whether that very knowledge – please listen, I am questioning, I am not saying it yet, I am exploring – whether that knowledge itself is not the cause of this immense confusion: not knowledge about the Gita, about the Upanishads, or any of those books – books are not sacred, the printed word is not sacred, but you can attribute to that book what you like. So please, if one may again point out, we are observing together, examining together, being aware that word, explanation is not the actuality.
    So, this knowledge that we have acquired through education, through experience, through the past generation upon generations, this knowledge may be – please listen carefully – may be the cause of our disaster because we are burdened with the past. Knowledge is always the past, and that knowledge, being the past, is incomplete. And that knowledge being incomplete, and action then being incomplete, that action must inevitably create confusion, fragmentation. Where there is fragmentation there must be not only conflict but confusion, like nations – fragmented, like religious groups – fragmented, beliefs divide man, ideals divide man. All these are fragmentations, and therefore there must inevitably be conflict, and therefore confusion.
    So we are enquiring together whether knowledge is not the cause – which is thought – thought is not the cause of this tremendous decay of man. Thought, as we said, has created extraordinary things: the whole technological world, the surgery, medicine, communication, going to the Moon, and so on; and also thought has created war and all the material to kill man. Thought has also written marvellous poems – I was just reading Keat’s ‘Ode to the Nightingale’, a marvellous poem – but it is put into words by thought. The pictures, the architecture, the temples and what is inside the temples, inside the churches, all created by thought. So thought, in the world, in the physical world in certain areas has brought benefit to man; in other areas it is destroying man, that is knowledge. And this knowledge, which we have acquired through our senses and therefore connected with the brain, this knowledge man has acquired is now being transferred to the computer. I do not know if you are aware of all this.
    The computer can do everything that man can do. It can learn. It has been programmed as our brain is programmed: to be a Catholic, to be a Protestant, to be a Hindu, to be a Buddhist. You understand all this? Of course if you pay… Your brain is programmed, whether you like it or not you have to observe it. Otherwise you wouldn’t call yourself a Hindu, or a communist. Your brain has been cultivated through time, and through that time, which is the acquisition of experience, knowledge and so on, that brain has been programmed, has been conditioned to respond according to certain reactions. This is inevitable. That brain is now being given over to the computer. Please realise this. The computer is becoming your brain, the human brain. The computer plus the robot are already operating in manufacturing things – like cars. All kinds of things are happening. In about ten, fifteen years you will be unemployed. You have to face all this. Society is going to be turned upside down. It is coming, whether you like it or not, it’s at your door. You understand the seriousness of all this? I wonder if you do. That your brain, which has been so extraordinarily capable, suffered innumerable sorrows, lives in great anxiety, frightened, insecure – the whole psychological world which is the result of thought, that thought with all its knowledge has been transferred to the computer, and the robot. So man, then, what is he? You understand my question? If the computer can do everything that you can, that your brain can, which is, it can learn, it can correct itself, it can foresee much more than human beings can, its responses are instantaneous, because it is programmed that way.
    Then what is man? You understand all this? Computers say, I believe in God. Oh, you people laugh, you don’t see the seriousness of all that is happening to all of us. The computer can compose a poem, can compose, can diagnose better than any doctor. You understand? And then one asks, what is man, what are you? If the machine can do everything even better than you, what are you? Which is, our brains have operated mechanically. Right? It believes, it doesn’t believe, it creates its own gods, its own philosophies – the computer can create a philosophy better than any philosopher. So what have we left? You understand my question? If the machine can take over everything that man can do, and do it still better than us, then what is a human being, what are you? Your belief in God? – the machine has belief in God. It will do rituals better than you can do. It can invent theories better than any philosopher. You understand all this?
    So what have we left? What we have left is our psychological world. You understand? Our sorrow, our fears, our pleasures, our anxieties, our immense loneliness. You understand all this? That’s what we are going to be left with. Not with your gods. The gods have been invented by man, by thought. You have shaped gods according to your desires, your fears. So the computer can do all that.

  2. "Do you understand the seriousness of all this"

    It's happening now with all the movements going on fighting for what they think matters with so-called "social media" J knew exactly what he was talking about, people in division. Man talking to man without turning inward. Without any profound change in their attitude and behavior. To them the internet is "God". The problem isn't in technology it's in the person.

  3. computer is the creation of a human mind.This mind is lonely,insecure and unhappy,and hopes to become free of these by acquiring more knowledge through the computer in a shorter period of time than it would take if information gathering is not through this contraption.What mind fails to understand is that every creation devised by an incomplete entity will necessarily have that tinge of incompleteness in it.So,the probability of computer taking over will have to be looked at from this perspective.On the other hand,if this device is designed by a complete and enlightened mind,it will have these very qualities in it ,but,ironically,no enlightened person will go in for this action,as it is typical of the obsession of human beings to divide,create violence and destroy peace and harmony on this planet,all these in the hope of experiencing that ever- elusive bliss and completeness.

  4. He was so right, we are lost now. Our essence overthrown by technology. It was hard enough navigating life as a non computer human. Now my dears we must keep our essence alive more than ever.

  5. I certainly did not see this in 1981, although I was almost 30 years around.
    Now in 2020 I think we see the quickly closing noose of technological 'progress' in action.
    Where technocrats in government and in power greater than governments, are tightening their surveillance and control robotics, using Artificial 'Intelligence' to keep everyone imprisoned and poisoning the world with their propaganda media.
    Yes I did listen in 1981 to K when he was in Amsterdam and Saanen, but "I being young and foolish, with him did not agree" (Yeats)

  6. If technology is rapidly replacing human labor, how long will it be before there are more people than available jobs? Perhaps, we've already passed that point. You then have to ask yourself, what do the "owners" of this world have in mind for all the idle people?

  7. Hello, I have to ask: when he was talking about salvation of the human being, was he advocating a society without technology? I'm deeply interested in the topic treated here. I would really like an answer from you, official channel. 🙂 Thanks for your time.

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