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Home » Sil's furious after we took back honeymoon money & left her wedding after she wore my wedding dress i financed my wedding

Sil's furious after we took back honeymoon money & left her wedding after she wore my wedding dress i financed my wedding

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Sister in law is furious after we took back her honeymoon money & left her wedding after she wore my wedding dress for her wedding

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Sil's furious after we took back honeymoon money & left her wedding after she wore my wedding dress

Sil's furious after we took back honeymoon money & left her wedding after she wore my wedding dress

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Sil's furious after we took back honeymoon money & left her wedding after she wore my wedding dress
i financed my wedding
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45 thoughts on “Sil's furious after we took back honeymoon money & left her wedding after she wore my wedding dress i financed my wedding”

  1. Last story NTA and I feel so sorry for you for having aweful inlaws and an unsuportive husband
    (Sounds like a mamma buy)
    He doesn't get why you are upset?
    If it had been my mother I would have given her a piece of my mind!

  2. S1: NTA don’t you dare give her that honeymoon. The audacity, cruelty, manipulation etc involved in pulling something so heinous on someone who’s offered to pay for your honeymoon in Europe!! Fk her. She can squeak the bed over her mother’s room for all I care. Block those idiots from your lives, nobody needs to be treated like garbage and expected to provide.

  3. 1. NTA. She ruined her own wedding and honeymoon by her pathetic actions not you. You win doubly. Your living her head and Mil head rent free. Take the money and you and your wife go to Itally and send pictures with caption of, "What could have been if you were not a homophobic psychopathic narcissist!"
    2. NTA. They have no right to put you in that position. Its Identity theft to take a loan out in your name. Call a lawyer. Then check into a restraining order.
    3. NTA. It's called stalking.
    4. NTA. They are out and out cruel about putting her and her feelings before a coming grandchild. Serve them right if you refuse to let them near this child. Protect your child as much as possible from your in laws. They sound like the type to be so petty they will try to take your child for the sister if fertility doesnt work. They may even try to turn hubby on you.

  4. Is this Big Tony’s House of Easy Loans? Unlikely event they won’t be able to pay! These people are desperate as hell! Cmon OP these people are going to ruin him/her and the 22 YO.

    No need to worry. The au pair can do better than her husband! He’s going to find himself in serious trouble if he keeps it up!

  5. Loan story. You need to go to the police. Your family is harassing you.
    Last story, maybe you should move back closer to your family. You won't get the support you need.

  6. Time to crash the car so it is a right off give them a couple of hundred that is all the car is worth. Also look at the value of your house is it worth saling and starting again alone???

  7. I would've loudly cried leaving while saying "I can't believe she's wearing my wedding dress, I can't believe she did that to me" and then made a Facebook post and block them all.

  8. Story 1: Your money, your choice. Don't think about anything else.
    Story 2: Cut your losses and move on, don't accumulate debt.
    Story 3: SIL and MIL are toxic people. Better off going no-low contact. They can't handle any competion.

  9. 1St Story: Op should just buy a different dress but dont invite mil, sil and anyone else who sides with them, go no contact with them and enjoy your married lives together.

  10. I'm confused did she buy the same dress or she took the dress from her SIL's wardrobe? I ask bc if she took the dress I wonder how that came about. Either way she 'stole' the dress & is out of her mind heinous

  11. I think it would be hilarious if OP decided to wear a white dress for her wedding. Just think how pissed her SIL would be thinking she had given up wearing a white dress to own wedding just to spite OP and now OP DOES wear white to her own wedding. That would be the ultimate revenge.

  12. Second story; NTA. "Pay their investment in you" back, then go no contact with them permanently. Send them the bill for everything that you put into your car. Sell your house or they can buy you out. Then you go get a vehicle in your name and your name alone and a house in your and your partners names. Your parents are trying to commit fraud and extortion. You don't need that toxicity in your life and neither do your siblings. (Guarantee they are doing to your siblings what they are do to you) Get a lawyer.

  13. First story; NTA. Your wife's family sound like toxic narcissists. You and your partner and her children don't owe those horrible people anything. As for the honeymoon money, that belongs to you and your wife.

  14. For the house and car story go buy a $1000 car and give back the car their names are on after you cancel the insurance and rego on it. For the house try to get it refianced in your name only if possible. You possibly wont be able to but you should try.

  15. the loan story- you need to get a lawyer STAT. your car is NOT worth 20,000. Ever heard of Kelly Blue Book? again. GET A LAWYER. get a lawyer. get a lawyer. your parents are committing fraud by their requests…you would be complicit if you go through with it. also- your name is on the mortgage in the house you AND your parents live in? and they own the house not you? WTH is up with that?
    please talk to someone who can help you figure out this rat king (look it up lol) of a mess you're in.
    I hope you realize your parents will screw you over from this point on. DO NOT give them the benefit of the doubt, they have serious problems and they only care about themselves. I'm sorry you have to go through this but at least you found out your parents true colors (which are shades of poop brown).
    good luck, you seem like a nice person but you got to grow some balls.

  16. The story with 30% interest rate. OP says the car is registered in their name therefore it’s OPs. The parents have tricked OP into paying for their second house. The repairs can wait if they can pay 20,000 In a few months. They want to be paid back everything they spent ?See a lawyer!

  17. Story 1: Best revenge is living well and being as unlike the toxic in laws as possible. Take out the trash SiL, univite the haters. Then celebrate love and live your best life.

  18. Last Story: YTA but gently. The first comment is ridiculous and proves that Reddit looks too deeply and enjoys making problems when there isn't any.
    While I am of the mind that you shouldn't feel guilty for getting pregnant, you must also be aware that your SIL is having fertility issues and that your husband's extended family will rally around her when it comes to their unwavering support and love. Not only will she feel jealous that you had an easier time getting pregnant than she is (should she find out that you are pregnant), she is also going to be incredibly angry with herself, possibly even depressed. Getting pregnant is something that all women should be able to do with 100% success, so why is she having so much difficulty? Is there something wrong with her? Will she ever be able to experience the wonders of pregnancy and feeling her baby kick and move like you will? You don't have a right, in my honest opinion, to expect that your MIL would support you and your journey and ignore her own daughter and her difficulties with fertility. You have a right to be upset, but you don't have a right to be mad that your MIL is supporting her blood relation over someone who married into the family. Be grateful that you aren't experiencing the issues that your SIL is currently going through, be happy that you will get to experience the wonderous highs and lows of pregnancy.

    Your MIL loves you, she said it to your face, but this is her little girl. Her little girl is hurting and there is nothing that MIL can do to take this from her and help with her fertility issues. I hope, I pray, that should you have a daughter, she never has to experience what your SIL is going through as infertility is hell and it hurts.

  19. Your husband wants to cheat with the Irish girl but what's he got that she might want a married man with a bunch of kids she's looking for a single guy with money

  20. Don't buy your car for your parents return it to him let them figure it out on their own get your own car everything in your name

  21. Story 1 – That was a dick move. Luckily though op can always find a better dress. All that crap the sister said pretty much bitched herself right out of a honeymoon. People who treat you like shit don't deserve honeymoon money. Op has nothing to feel guilty about.

    Story 2 – NTA. Just because it's family that means you should let yourself be drained financially and credit score ruined? No chance in hell. Op should be ready to sue in case these people take out the loans anyways. Op's parents are moochers. They absolutely would screw with op's finances. Call them on their bluff or report them for harassment.

    Story 3 – NTA. Op's husband sounds like a creep. There is a thin line betweeb admiration and obsession.

    Story 4 – Infertile women can be nuts. I think the SIL needs to get herself some therapy. Op should be allowed to feel happy about her pregnancy. It's her first child. Im dissapointed that not even op's husband was on her side on this.

  22. First story, If i were you, I'd pull the car into their driveway, empty the oil, antifreeze, tranny fluid and any other maintenance, slash the tires (i bought all these right?) and leave a note saying soon as i get the money i'll be buying you out of the house and further cutting you OFF. Would in be an inconvenience to OP? yes she'll need a car so yeah, but the parents are being conditional, on what they need, otherwise you're trash. Let them have the car as they bought it and buy them out of the house or let then buy you out

  23. The key word is DAUGHTER; she is her daughter your are NOT. Yes, you married her son and she consider's you part of her family but her daughter will ALWAYS come first, her little girl is suffering and that is where her focus is. Maybe, if you have a baby girl, you'll understand that bond.

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