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Home » Should Couples Have Joint or Separate Accounts | Marriage & Money finance in marriage

Should Couples Have Joint or Separate Accounts | Marriage & Money finance in marriage

We share our thoughts on if couples should have joint or separate accounts. We’ve found a method that works best for us in building long-term wealth so stay tuned! Thanks so much for watching.

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Should Couples Have Joint or Separate Accounts | Marriage & Money

Should Couples Have Joint or Separate Accounts | Marriage & Money

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Should Couples Have Joint or Separate Accounts | Marriage & Money
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42 thoughts on “Should Couples Have Joint or Separate Accounts | Marriage & Money finance in marriage”

  1. We are team "All Joint" but in reality we practice the combination of both. I love your presentations, explanations, and videos.
    Great information 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  2. If you live together not being legally married you are roommates and should run things as roommates–everything is 50%, no joint accounts or anything. When you are legally married then money needs to be combined and there are a number of ways to do that.

  3. Separate accounts with maybe a joint checking for household bills.
    I’ve seen plenty of relationships where things go bad because of money. Combining finances just doesn’t appeal to me. I know it works for some people but I have a slight fear around it. I don’t want to have to answer to anyone on how I choose to spend the money that I work for. I also don’t want to complicate things if we have totally different money habits.

  4. We also have all joint accounts (credit card, savings, checking, investing) except for our "personal money". All money is "ours", but we budget a small equal amount from each paycheck that direct deposits into our separate personal accounts. We can spend this personal money however we want without discussion with each other. We can save it for big purchases or spend it on little treats. All other money down to the penny follows our joint plan to serve our shared short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals.

  5. Thank you, I’m still questioning what should I do…. We are planning for our marriage, not living together. Im a single mother of 2 kids 23 and 17 , I have my own home almost finish payed for in 6yrs , working for more income then him… He have a régler job with nothing added… (no savings ect) what to do ?

  6. Thanks for the insight! Something to think about when I get married. I noticed your audio is lower in more recent videos. Not sure if that is on purpose. Great content and graphics as always!

  7. I really appreciated this video! Don't tell the misses but I plan on getting engaged soon and this is something I've been pondering for a good while now. Especially because there is a huge distance between net with right now. Thanks for shating this, it means a lot to hear a real life example!

  8. We are a team and plan to manage our finances as a household through a joint account. As with everything in personal finance, it's personal so I guess there is no right or wrong. Like nr 44! 🙂 Great vid

  9. Great breakdown and explanations. We’re a combination family. Although we each have separate accounts, we both have full visibility of our finances and retirement accounts.

  10. I like this! My BF and I have been, randomly, having "the talk" about consolidating households. He is more income-based and I'm more straight down the middle – for bills. Maybe if I ever get married I will explore the option of your current plan, but I def see how the dating stage is a reallll thing, LOL. It's so real it seems like it can be a current stage for 40 years into the marriage, LOL. Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Same! All deposits made to joint. Auto-transfers to savings and our personal accounts of the same amt each pay, no matter who is working or not. Bills on auto pay. Day b4 next payday, take whatever is left and allocate it to something together as a team. Took us years to get this right. But it’s perfect.

  12. IDK I think if you are getting married or are married, financing should have come up long before making a commitment. Though if a separate account is open, it should be clear and that you are not hiding something from your partner. My 2 cents

  13. My wife and I have always had separate accounts and that has always worked fine for us. We contribute towards household bills together and whatever we have left we can use towards whatever we want with no hard feelings.

  14. Husband and I had separate accounts because I was a a huge spender! Since April 2020 I started budgeting and I've managed to pay off 2 credit cards (1 card is his, 1 card was mine), I've developed a healthy relationship with money-after that my husband and I have combined our accounts ect. I understand why he didn't want funds combined in the past and I don't blame him. Now that everything is combined we are paying off debt a lot faster. I sure do wish I would have been more money responsible a lot sooner in our marriage.

  15. Love seeing the journey of how you have progressed through your relationship when it comes to finances. My long term plan is to have joint finances but then seperate spending accounts. I think that combination works really well!

  16. We live together for a few years now and still have separate finances. That works so far and I feel like it motivates to try and increase individual income. Because every cent more that you earn, you also get to keep for yourself. But that is my case, thanks for sharing yours!

  17. We are all joint since we’ve been married and it works great for us!! The only accounts that are separate are Roth 401k’s and that’s just because the gov requires that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We totally think having mostly joint accounts helps with long-term goals and also relationships:)

  18. To be honest. I believe so. I also think it excludes the changes of infidelity. Your more than likely not to spend that night at the hotel that night cause your spouse will know . Yes I went there lol

  19. We have one joint account and each of us has at least a dozen separate accounts (long story). It would feel weird to have everything combined. Just too complicated.

  20. Great video. Budgeting as a couple really can be a big challenge. It really is true – usually one is a nerd and the other is the free spirit. I am not sure it ever fully goes away because you are who you are but when you get on the same page the progress is so worth it. In my house, since my husband is the free spirit he still gets a bit from his check in his checking account to help him be sane. I on the other hand don't get what the big deal is – nerdy introvert that is fine not spending money lol.

  21. I manage this in a similar way. My wife and I keep our finances separate, but we do have a joint account that we use for joint expenses. We have not had a single fight over money ever (famous last words 😝 )

  22. We have a combination. My husband has his own cc, checking and savings. I have 3 of my own independent accounts and the rest are joint. Your videos are so well put together and thought provoking! 💕

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