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Race to the finish; RCA's final gamble (CED Part 5) technology connections dishwasher

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The end is near. The death knell approaches. What will become of RCA’s invention? And is this really the end? Would you like fries with that?

Here’s Techmoan’s video on the VHD;

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Race to the finish; RCA's final gamble (CED Part 5)

Race to the finish; RCA's final gamble (CED Part 5)

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Race to the finish; RCA's final gamble (CED Part 5)
technology connections dishwasher
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26 thoughts on “Race to the finish; RCA's final gamble (CED Part 5) technology connections dishwasher”

  1. Hello! I'd like to thank you all for coming on this bizarre journey with me. Telling the story of the CED has been a lot of fun, but it also required a lot more… storytelling than I typically do. However, once I found Margaret B. W. Graham's book on the subject, well first of all the story is frankly bonkers and quite enjoyable, but also I felt the real nuts and bolts of the story deserved to see the light of day.
    Not a lot of info is online beyond "what is this product?" and "It failed because VCRs". And without the context that Graham provides, the entire idea seems outlandishly foolish. In the end we know it was, but I think there are a lot of truly valuable lessons to learn from this ordeal.
    Thanks for putting up with this project, and as I said at the end – if there's anything you'd like to know that I didn't cover in these video please ask! I may make a follow-up video down the road.

  2. Ahem. I have an RCA sound bar with Bluetooth (and TOSLINK), and it’s awesome.

    I also had a used RCA tape recorder that lasted through the previous owner, me, and a good chunk of my sister’s school as she studied with it. It did eventually die, but HEY IT PUT UP A GOOD FIGHT.

  3. 5:22 I'd never seen this old slogan from Hitachi before. But both amusingly and depressingly, "Even after it's yours, it's still ours" obviously hits consumers a little differently in the early 2020s than it did in the late 1970s.

  4. The assumption that people would want to buy their movies and have a library like their music isn't completely wrong. My family has 3 copies of pretty much every Disney VHS because Mom, Aunt, and Grandma each had their own house and each took turns watching us brats. We still all have them, for some reason not wanting to part with the old things. We don't even know if the VCR still works to even play them, but we still lug 150+ pounds of VHS tapes around every time we move.

  5. When I was younger I remember my father buying a CED player from one of my uncles. It came with about two dozen discs in their cases, 2 of those discs were of the Playboy Variety. So porn existed for them, just exceedingly rare.

  6. Actually I have an aging mp3-player bearing the RCA brand, with half of the buttons not working properly. I thought it was just some anonymous Chinese brand. RCA never was a big brand in Europe I guess. I never heard of CED either but I enjoyed watching this series. The story of the corporate structure and politics influence on product development was just as interesting as the technology of the product itself. It reminds me of some Philips stories I read. The fact there is a 5 episode long trilogy about it on YouTube itself means CED was not a total failure.

  7. Quite a coinkydink that once management stopped fighting and departments could get on the same page instead of everyone free to do their own thing, more progress got made in a handful of years then it had the entire decade prior. One could almost learn a lesson from that…

  8. How about making a documentary on Radio Shack? The stores are gone but they have a web site. Would be nice to know what happened and how they recovered.

  9. Ended up in a bit of a wiki-hole when you mentioned "His master's voice" being a motto of RCA. As someone from the UK I've always associated that name with the HMV retail store chain so it was interesting to hear that it was also popularised elsewhere!

  10. Great video series. I would think that RCA couldn't get their sh*t together. I think the CED would've been a flash in the pan and found a niche market, but it would've eventually faded out as other physical forms of media…but what if it worked?

  11. If you have a ced stylus rca 149000 you want to part with let me know I need one for mine I'm a huge vintage video nut, and just love these oddball video platforms, but my stylus either needs to be graded or I need one that just is not available in my area sadly, I bought my player in the military at an estate sale on leave after my deployment, and watched the first star trek movie on it which I've had for many years, just never had the player so it was super fun too me wish there were reproductions to keep it alive.

  12. A great series; I gave away my players (and the 5' stack of discs that someone had given me) because, well, I'm just not really into movies. But I may have to grab another someday. There is just something about having an actual video record player, made in the USA, in the 1980's, and the blasted thing actually works (more or less.)

    Condensed, RCA was always about "the next big thing' and as long as it had something else ready to license & sell, it was gold. After what they did with color TV, I have no doubt they COULD have made it happen by the mid-70s. And that was exactly when they needed it, when color was reaching market saturation. Just like in the early days of b/w TV, just like in the early days of color, they would have started out by badge-engineering players for the competition who would then start building their own versions. Soon every consumer electronics company in the world would be selling a CED player. Competition would bring about better products. Competing formats would have been stillborn. RCA would take its profits and dump them into the next big thing, perhaps HDTV? Instead today it's a brand name that you, dear reader, could likely license to put on a bag of a kitty litter, a sack of cow manure or a jar of pickled pig's feet, as long as you can come up with enough cash to give the lawyers who own those 3 letters.

  13. It's clear that they had no idea what they were doing. They had no clue about what home video was or how to perfect it. And at the end of the day, they just grabbed defeat from what could have been the biggest victory in the industry. RCA could have owned the entire electronics industry today. It could've been as big as Sony and Samsung.

  14. Perhaps it is worth to check what did those lab researchers worked as side projects. Since they are left to do for most of the time whatever they like they might have some interesting side projects and results of those. If I remember correctly it was mentioned someof them got publications.

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