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by autisticchiaNGMAI

10 ways to believe in yourself

Learning how to believe in yourself requires a holistic strategy. You must take control of your thoughts and feelings so you’re able to reach your peak state.

1. Realize it starts with you
To get in touch with your personal power, you need to adopt new routines. Consider building a meditation practice into your routine or start your day with priming. By incorporating a practice of self-affirmation into your morning routine, you can set the tone for a day filled with confidence.

2. Examine your limiting beliefs
Negative emotions like self-doubt or anxiety are deeply connected to the opinions we have of ourselves based on our life experiences. They’re your brain telling you that it’s time to examine these limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones.

3. Learn to respect yourself
To master the art of self-confidence, make a habit of treating yourself like you’d treat an esteemed mentor. Change your self-talk by catching your inner monologue when it turns negative and replacing those comments with positive thoughts.

4. Use the law of attraction
To fuel self-belief, surround yourself with people who inspire and support you. Whatever you want to achieve in your life, find people who will elevate you, not bring you down.

5. Get inspired
Make a point to seek out advice from others who have achieved your goals. Watch documentaries about people who have done great things in life. Read inspirational quotes and write down your favorites.

6. Remember past successes
If you’re feeling discouraged, remember moments in your past in which you were successful at a similar task. Or, remember moments in which you faced obstacles and overcame them with grace and courage.

7. Face your fears
It’s human nature to experience fear and anxiety. But when you believe in yourself, you realize that those emotions are there to encourage you to take action, not to hold you back. People with self-belief turn fear into action by focusing on their goals as part of their overall purpose in life.

8. Create goals
Creating goals is part of facing your fears. Setting and achieving goals that help you overcome your fears will give you a sense of accomplishment. Your goals don’t have to be huge – taking small steps that add up to big results will improve your confidence and boost your ability to believe in yourself.

9. Learn a new skill
Whether you learn how to write code or how to play the piano, learning a new skill can increase your feelings of self-efficacy – your belief in your abilities to execute tasks, control your own behavior and attain your goals.

10. Always keep going
You’ll inevitably encounter obstacles, but it’s how you react to them that matters. You must dig deep and realign your focus on what you really want in life: discovering how to believe in yourself. It truly is within your reach.
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Genre: Electronic music, Downtempo
Style: Chillstep
Mood: Inspiring, Motivating, Energy, Positive
Duration: One Hour
Feature: Without Lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Wiljan – Onder
► 05:20 Nomyn – Nocturne
► 09:05 Tiikk, A-Tint – Clouds
► 12:53 Artic Desert – Sorrow
► 15:38 Tim Schaufert – Escape
► 19:12 Liam Thomas – Through the Night
► 22:16 Zyphyr – Blur
► 25:42 Lost-Fi – Another Day
► 29:19 Nomyn – Lightness
► 32:42 Sappheiros – Dawn
► 36:23 Vorsa – If Only You Knew
► 40:25 Ilya Kuznetsov – Lifetime
► 44:29 Nathanael Schroder – Why Worry
► 49:07 Michal Vecerek Marion – Afterlife
► 53:23 Electus – Take Me With You
► 58:16 Beyond Theory – Trinity
► 1:02:37 Yal X – Forgiven
► 1:06:40 Crush, NYD – Fall to Pieces
► 1:12:50 Ptr – Dots
► 1:16:55 Kaj, Soundnet – New Age Voyager

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Motivation Playlist — Energetic Chillstep Music — Make Money Mix

Motivation Playlist — Energetic Chillstep Music — Make Money Mix

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#Motivation #Playlist #Energetic #Chillstep #Music #Money #Mix
Motivation Playlist — Energetic Chillstep Music — Make Money Mix
make money online motivation
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You can see more ways to make money here: see more here

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Chill Music Lab 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Hey, MusicLabers!

What do you do to keep your dopamine levels high?

TheRichDude 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Hey you ❗❗❗
You are going to make it ❗❗❗

Bose s 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

LOVED IT ,kind of smooth with wisky in dim-lit room opening towards the city .
time just past 12 midnight.

Priscila Souza 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Wooow , this is the third time that I been use these playlist to write my journals , essays and paper work and it’s so amazing ! Helps me a lot to focus and concentrate! Besides that all playlists are so well organized and fluid! I’m so thankful for the person that created theses playlists ! You are doing an amazing job! Thank you so much ! Thank you 😊

Monique Boughtwood 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

What song is at around 16 minutes I love it

Музыка для учебы 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Очень приятная музыка всегда ее слушаю, канал топ. У меня тоже есть хорошие подборки, музыки под которую я читаю, заходите на канал!. Всем хорошего дня.

Aoko Blue 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Wow music is great., 😀

Conrad Francis 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

is this music NCR?

meakay 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

I study for enter the MIT wish me success please 🙂

Pedro S.T. 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Boníssim el canal i les reflexions i descripcions que hi fiqueu! em serveix de gran ajut per a les hores i hores que hi dedico l'estudi.
Ànims amb el canal.
Seguiu així!

Uaatjo Muhuure 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

This keeps me going.. An extra boost of energy… Great work…

TRANSFORMATION 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Thank you for these! Things getting tough in life and these become that little push I need to keep on keeping on 😀

thefxxkman 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều


SirRiffsAlot 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Tim Scaufert's "Escape" is such a ripoff of Coldplay's "Paradise", lol 🙂

joão victor Borghi 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Não teria para o Amazon música ou Spotify ?

Best and Bless 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Very cool track!

Вася Пупкин 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Музыка не плохая, скорее всего отборная в своем направлении. Визуализация на высоте. Представляю сколько трудов вложено, и не представляю как это все добро отбивать финансово. Но теперь можно рассказать друзьям, что есть микс для Заработка!

DREAM LAND 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều


denis jakman 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

and epic dubteb – dancing balls?

Александр Пиздолетов 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

ЧТо-то не замотивировался (

Kate D 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Liked and subscribed today. Really enjoying the sweet mellow flow 🥰
Thank you.

Relaxing Music 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Don't know if someone is reading this, but if you are: You are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you! ❤️

TheTricky77 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Слушал два часа, ни копейки не заработал. Расходимся пацаны, это развод.

Iftikar Azad 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Wanna see the view from the top in little time given❤️

Ανίκητος Χριστοφορίδης 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Someone said: ''When you pray being inside the only true religion, your mind leaves this world at some point. Then all good things happen in your soul, the limited time your are not here. But needs time and patience to the ordeals of life.''

Андрей Скандаков 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Здравствуйте великолепная музыка скажите кроми ютуба где вас можно найти

Margot’s YouTube 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

I journal a LOT, and the arrangements y'all put out are perfect for not only concentration, but for reminiscing. Thank you for the work you do, and thank you to the individual artists who have contributed and continue to do so. C'est bien fait! Merci beaucoup!

SkyVzn El Daddy 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

40:24 Ilya Kuznetsov – Lifetime is the jam!

SkyVzn El Daddy 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Like the imagery of this city.

Dilmurad Sadykov 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Я хочу подписаться как мне сделать это покажите пожалуйста

FabriceTheArtist 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Hey, brilliant videos here! Are these mixes copyright free?

Viktor Hahn 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Can i find you on Spotify?

Сергей Анатольевич 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Гео Лерус, я тебя полностью поддерживаю и благодарен тебе за ту работу, что ты делаешь. Вместе с тем я понимаю что часто возникает ситуация, когда эмоции зашкаливают. Но ведь ты депутат, а потому должен понимать что выражаться матами это некорректно.

Dmitri Chiba 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều


Ayrton Sebalo 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều


Transformai-vos pela renovação de vossa mente, para que proveis qual é a boa, agradável e perfeita vontade de Deus.

Andrew Lamb 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Nicely done Music Lab. Having drifted around a lot of this type of stuff on YouTube &yours comes as one of the better compilations, by far. Thanks

Chad Blake 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều


Blue Relax - Relaxing Music 🌊 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

A great energetic Music to keep awake. 😍

ASEP. acep. .Junaedi 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều


HD MusicBox 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Great video! Thank you for sharing.

Harish Nemade 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Dear Reader,
You are Blessed 🙂
Yes, you. Keep up always. Aim High. Open your wings even if it is Painful for the first time 🙂
God Bless you with lots of Health and Wealth 🙂

beLight46 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

So perfect

Danny G 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

What freq is this at?

Volume 2.0 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

when I look and listen, I want to drop everything and start a journey

AA Chowdhury 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

do you provide the same service on Spotify. plz, do. thanks

Nuruniesa Isaacs 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

I'm a journalist and producer and I work late at night scripting. This is the first time listening to this and let me tell you how my productivity spiked! Amazing <3

Oscar Claros 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

Awesome music

والله هو شوف 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều


Juliana James 15/12/2021 - 6:18 Chiều

There are days when I feel like I'm not good enough – for myself, for anyone, because I allowed myself to think that way. I belittle myself so much that I feel like I have to be at the approval of someone's biased perception of how I should be with them. I've created this safe space called – Being Alone. When I am by myself, with a hot cup of coffee, I tune into that tiny voice in my head that tells me who I truly am. And it goes thus; "I am worth it." If you read this, and you ever felt in someway – less capable, tune into your mind and soul, and be the badass you once were and will always be. You're special, there's something going on for you, you're exactly where you need to be to get all that you desire. So don't let nobody tell you otherwise. I love you, I love this music, and I love this entire process. ❤❤❤


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