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Is It Possible to Build a Smarter Gun? technology made it possible

America is a gun culture. It always has been. With an estimated 260 to 300 million guns in the national gun stock today, firearms aren’t going anywhere. And it would appear the political will to craft robust nationwide gun control legislation remains dead in the water.

But with an epidemic of mass shootings, and gun accidents devastating communities nationwide, a small movement seeks to change the very technology at the heart of firearms. Yet the players behind this movement to create user-authenticated firearms, or so-called smart guns that only fire in the hands of approved users, are blocked at every turn.

Originally published on @Motherboard in 2017.

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Is It Possible to Build a Smarter Gun?

Is It Possible to Build a Smarter Gun?

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Is It Possible to Build a Smarter Gun?
technology made it possible
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40 thoughts on “Is It Possible to Build a Smarter Gun? technology made it possible”

  1. For some reason I don't get the impression Timlin is big into philosophy but he used both a "no true Scotsman" and a "slippery slope" fallacy. So in formal circles (or a court of law, for that matter) he officially lost his argument.
    Some of us want to know as many true things and as little false as possible. While others simply rely on whatever happens to make them feel an emotion in any given moment. Or fall back on whatever adults taught them when they were in a formative age.

  2. i love that shop owner, valid points. I think people should have the option to buy a smart gun. Its the same deal as those fast lockboxes that actuate with a fingerprint…. BUT i dont want it to end up being a fu*king requirement for all responsible gun owners to only have smart guns.

  3. physical Magnetic switch switch. With an implant lol. Sure you could hold a magnet to it but it would make holding it awkward AS HELL lol didn't finish the video first lol

  4. I was tought gun safety in grade school, why is it not being tought in school any more? We were tought trigger safet, barrel control, and even what to do if you find a random gun at a park.

  5. Love the trigger discipline and also when he points the Thompson MG at the camera and you hear click….. oops. I didn't think it was gonna fo that…. what would have happened if there was a bullet in the chamber. Bye bye camera man…. this is the problem, uneducated people "playing" with guns…. GUNS ARE NOT TOYS…and not to be played with. Guns arent the problem idiots are.

  6. I am against guns but smart guns are clearly idiotic! Guns are bad because they are beautifully simple and only achieve one thing. More death and more fear!

  7. It's sad when a nation is trapped by outdated ideals and doesn't evolve, I'm from one of the safest countries in the world because there aren't many weapons, the more there are, the easier is gratuitous violence… With the evolution of legal entities such as politics, it is increasingly unnecessary to obtain weapons in a personal context

  8. 2:07 ‐ That's the problem right there! She never taught her son about Firearm Safety. If she had, her son might still be alive. It's her fault 100% for being a lazy parent! She should face charges! Parents- Teach your kids about gun safety just like you teach them to swim to reduce the possibility of drowning. Same applies to Firearms safety.

  9. To be honest, this is a cool technology, I definitely see spec-ops using it. I am not interested however in being a lab rat for this. Let some other countries try it first. Forcing this goes against the 2A.

  10. A time-tested and true way of preventing accidental discharges is to simply keep yer booger finger off the bang switch. Among other obvious methods.

  11. Everybody he talks to about this "smart gun" is very professional. If confine alter me these questions I'd be fighting myself not to laugh at the idea of such a thing!

  12. "If there is a device of any kind that would be put onto a fire arm in the defense of your life and it fails then there is no use to have that device" is such a selfish idea and that guy is so shut off to even the thought of it that hes blinded by his own pride, red flag for a salesman, that yellow shirt dude got him pinned. Just because YOU don't like it doesn't mean it shouldn't be an option for everyone else, same applies to every other attachment to a weapon, if you don't like it don't get it. But to have lobbies AGAINST it is just insane to me, if i had a kid in my house hold, or live in a an area where there is alot of break ins, i would want a smart gun or a smart case for that gun. These are the same arguments we heard before the car when the horse industry fought tooth and nail against them. Think past your bubble for a minute. If you only knew how much smart tech goes into every flight and how many
    fewer plane crashes we've had since evolving from that fear of tech. Hell, smart tech just telling you its time for maintenance would probably significantly reduce jamming and misfires statistics. Or if the moment you pull the trigger it dials 911 with a gps pin of your location, or a notification is sent out to everyone within a 5 mile radius that there is an active shooting. Theres so much that can be done with this to increase safety. but yea anywho, next time DONT LEAVE YOUR FINGER ON THE TRIGGER THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE VIDEO, it down plays your understandings of the subject.

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