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Home » Interview Tips: What to do at a Second Interview digital marketing apprenticeship interview questions

Interview Tips: What to do at a Second Interview digital marketing apprenticeship interview questions


Interview Tips: The Second Interview. The second interview is a really good sign that the company wants you, but what’s the difference compared to the first interview?

In this video we’ll go over what the difference in the second interview is, why it’s more conversational, and how to answer these new questions.
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Interview Tips: What to do at a Second Interview

Interview Tips: What to do at a Second Interview

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Interview Tips: What to do at a Second Interview
digital marketing apprenticeship interview questions
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39 thoughts on “Interview Tips: What to do at a Second Interview digital marketing apprenticeship interview questions”

  1. Thank you for your advice! I had my first ever job interview today for a part time position, and he said after the interview that he would bug the second interviewer to call me. I asked the hard question and he said the only thing he was hesitant about was working while going to college, but because I explained how organized I was, he seemed confident in my capabilities. I had the first interview today, and he said I will be getting the second either today or tomorrow! He even gave me a free meal on the house. Without your videos, I wouldn’t have ever felt this confident. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  2. I watched all your videos on the interviews and I just got the call back for a follow-up interview. What? So I prayed and hoped you had a video on this too! Thank goodness I found you. Thank you for all your insightful help. Now let's hope I smash this interview as well. I'll keep you posted. It is a job at a University.

  3. Second interview tomorrow afternoon. I’ve been binge watching your videos to prepare. Feeling nervous but your videos have me feeling positive. Thank you for making these available!

  4. I got into the 2nd interview phase after you recommended the “are there any hesitations in holding you guys for me to get this position?” question.
    Hopefully I get the job. They admired my competency and confidence.
    Very helpful channel!

    2nd interview intoday.

  5. Honestly,
    I’m always confused when I have a second interview and I spilled my guts out during the first one… like wth now 😂. But I have an interview Thursday with the manager and a team member.

  6. The answers I came up with, which feels very genuine while also saying what any business would like to hear was:
    1. I'm available to work anytime on any day. (However since I just applied and got an interview after working at Burger King, I mentioned I needed to work through a 2 week notice in order to start)
    2. I know they're busy for the majority of the time, the pace is a lot faster than other places and honestly the idea of the faster pace sounds like a challenge I would love to tackle
    I love the fast food industry, and I love working with the people. Just the idea of being able to make sure that the people leave happy while also getting the food in a reasonable time is the best feeling i could get out of that
    My strengths are my reliability, my dedication and my drive to do better. During my time at Burger King I would either be early or on time, it's a rare occurrence for me to be late. my weaknesses, (which is very true) is just my ability to multitask. There was a time where one of my co-workers that I was training walked away while we were getting busy, and I was left making the sandwiches on my own while the entire kitchen was basically under my control alone during a rush.
    During my initial interview, I asked about the amount of hours I would expect to be working if I was to get hired.
    They also asked me what my greatest accomplishment was, and I went with the ability to train someone while I had been working at Burger King, even if the person I trained wasn't truly listening.

    I gotta be in for my next interview by 8:30 tomorrow morning

  7. Thank you so much Cass. I watched most of your interview tips videos. I made it to the second interview. I hope I can nail the second one as the first. Very helpful, your videos! Appreciate it!

  8. I binge watched your entire playlist this weekend and aced my second interview!!! I landed an internship at a CPA firm which will lead to a full-time position in 6 months 🙂 Thank you for all your advice. My confidence was through the roof! I was going to ask the hard question at the end but before I could even get to it, they told me that I got the position haha it was great

  9. Hi Cassandra, Thank you so much for your videos! I have learned so much from you and have gained more confidence in myself because of them. I followed your advice and was completely prepared for my interview. I have made it through 3 interviews so far (2 of them online ) and it looks promising! Thank you!!

  10. My second interview is tomorrow ( 2 1/2 weeks after the first one). It's been way too long and I interviewed with multiple people, so I'm having a hard time remembering what we talked about and with who. How can I show I was still paying attention last time?

  11. I'm so happy I found you! I followed all your interview tips on 'tell me about yourself' and questions to ask your interviewer, and they really helped me pitch myself and show resilience, then I was selected out of so many candidates, thank you! Now I have a 'suitability' interview where I meet the team and directors, and i am the only person interviewing now as I was selected at first interview. I'm a little nervous as I've never had an interview like this before! Hopefully if I follow your tips in this video I will have the same success. Sarah

  12. Hi Cassandra. Lost in words how to thank you for this invaluable pieces of advice. Going for my 2nd interview – this has been tremendously helpful. May the Creator bless you with more good things.

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