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Home » How to 3D print human tissue – Taneka Jones technology to life replicating the waste

How to 3D print human tissue – Taneka Jones technology to life replicating the waste

Explore the science of bioprinting, a type of 3D printing that uses bioink, a printable material that contains living cells.

There are currently hundreds of thousands of people on transplant lists, waiting for critical organs like kidneys, hearts and livers that could save their lives. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough donor organs available to fill that demand. What if, instead of waiting, we could create new, customized organs from scratch? Taneka Jones explores bioprinting, a new branch of regenerative medicine.

Lesson by Taneka Jones, directed by Hype CG.

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How to 3D print human tissue - Taneka Jones

How to 3D print human tissue – Taneka Jones

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How to 3D print human tissue – Taneka Jones
technology to life replicating the waste
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29 thoughts on “How to 3D print human tissue – Taneka Jones technology to life replicating the waste”

  1. PROMETHEUS The pipes that go to his body genetic oral vaccine covid19 , 3D body
    printing umbilical cord breathing and feeding ,engineering effectiveness
    and efficiency,the human is defective

  2. This is so helpful, I’m doing a Science Assignment and the question that I chose is about 3D printed organs and how they work and how they are printed and how 3D printed organs are similar to normal 3D printed things. This has helped a lot. Thanks TED-Ed.

    Does anyone suggest other videos/sites that could help with this?

  3. Whatever the promise and potential of 3D tissue printing, I'm damn sure that it will be stupidly expensive that only the rich and powerful can afford. You may be the most altruistic inventor and doctors out there but you have submit to their demands to make this world changing technology as yet another one of their gravy trains because they own the manufacturing and distributing capabilities of the printers and its materials. The poor and struggling masses will be knee deep in debt or lose their house or cars for healthcare.

  4. thats why they must biosynthesis human bodies by ''vaccines''synethic bio-technology so this technology 3D printers will work only with bio-synthetic people ,sorry but this is nothing to do with 100%organic beings so Im not gonna try,good luck

  5. Hopefully soon it will be possible to literally grow the organs for anyone who needs/wants organs including trans individuals. Growing the organs and implanting them allowing for trans people to live as they wish.

  6. Although 3D printing is not yet a complex structure, it can only create simple tissue in blood vessels and internal tubes, but it would be great if it could develop quickly and produce major organs such as hearts and lungs to save more lives. In addition, with the development of biotechnology, it is said that human skin can be transformed into skin that does not burn and skin that does not age, but I hope that research will be carried out quickly and that more people can be saved.

  7. This all sounds very good for people who need vital organs, but how do we know for sure that the immune system won't reject and attack the newly replaced organ? We know that (s)he said we needed our own cells as a sort of bio-ink to print the organ so it is less likely to be attacked by the body or immune system. But something could go wrong that could go unnoticed and affect the health of the patient. How do we also know if the organ can function properly as the original one? For example, replicating a vital organ to function the same way the original one functioned would be almost impossible because of the complexity of the task at hand for the replicated organ.

  8. COOL so…. I'm 45…. I'm looking forward to being able to plook a copy(after buying cheap parts to feed into the printer)of an 18 year old "ScarJo" or just a hot blonde female preferably with an I.Q. not higher than like 70 that somehow ages a hundred or a thousand times slower than a human that's created the normal way! Lol or that won't happen in my lifetime because it's too complicated level of understanding in just that much time? 😛 Found out in a ted video it takes like 7 hours to print just a kidney?! COD DAMN IT'LL TAKE DAYS/WEEKS TO PRINT A HUMAN!! HURRY UP AND FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO IT FASTER GENUISES!! 😛

  9. Our organs are connected to our chakras which are connected to nature which are connected to the soul/grow perception, pineal gland. Third eye. How do you replicate that? How to do absolutely replicate in total an organic body? As sophisticated as nature, to mix genes of existing hominids with the genes of the Anunnaki. Focus on how to replicate the human body with nature in absolute as well as have rejuvenating technologies then we would be on the right track.

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