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How Tech Addiction Hijacked Our Brains | NBC Left Field technology addiction

With their invention of pioneering apps and can’t-put-down devices, a small group of young people in Silicon Valley set the wheels in motion for society to become distracted, disconnected, and depressed. Now, some of them are trying to reverse the damage, and many are raising their own children screen-free. Aza Raskin, the creator of the infinite scroll, who played an outsize role in today’s tech-obsessed climate, offers his insight. And we dive inside the lives of the children who attend the Rudolf Steiner School, an alternative screen-free school in New York City to see how tech addiction hijacked our brains and how some are trying to combat its effects.

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We now live in a world in which a stressful life is considered a normal life. And with the prevalence of smartphones and social media, anxiety triggers are right at our fingertips. So how do we fix this problem? WATCH:

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How Tech Addiction Hijacked Our Brains | NBC Left Field

How Tech Addiction Hijacked Our Brains | NBC Left Field

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How Tech Addiction Hijacked Our Brains | NBC Left Field
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12 thoughts on “How Tech Addiction Hijacked Our Brains | NBC Left Field technology addiction”

  1. This decade will spell the end of all humanity tbh technology will destroy our minds completely social interaction will be non exsistant

  2. I too shared with loved ones. Great piece, it validates my feelings on tech. I am in IT now since 1985. I watched this monster grow and see it as our possible downfall. Shouldn't be this way.

  3. INdeed: I had the privilege of serving in Waldorf Schools for 30 Years. It is thrilling to see Waldorf Graduates evolve into whole human beings: fearless, joyful, creative thinkers and compassionate in their deeds for society…Visit a Waldorf School….it is the best gift of Love you can give your children

  4. Wonderful. Thank you. Aza, I am SO blown away by your accountability, ALSO what I especially appreciated is: "the REASON I went through depression…" NO ONE expresses this anymore. Seriously. Depression is all about "chemical imbalance: here's an Rx…" rather than the REASON, or the linear exposure for the imbalance to have been caused. What I also loved about this segment is showing what works better in education and exposure: what to do that will be healthier. Examples help because we can be relieved that not all of our youth were destroyed by the tech-addictions and maybe that youth can help the other kids who have been harmed.

  5. well i couldnt watch this info because the racist at fairfax county library system keep turning my signal on and off in the background like a bunch of cave loonies… beware they are also stealing black people and kids ip addresses and emails … this is the true hidden america …

  6. While I understand the point I don't agree with everything, specially when they equate drugs to technology, because technology is not the only drug of this world. EVERYONE is an addict, we just different drugs. In my case technology is how I work and how I communicate with my family so far away from me, I need the technology to know they're fine and to joke about the burn toast of the day, I feel so close to them. And I also get close to people beside me, I play Pokemon go and I go out with my 3 siblings, we play together, we joke and laugh, and then we go buy ice cream or eat or something, we have a very real quality time that's very difficult to get in this rushing times. I also can help my unstress and laugh showing her cats or dogs videos, or I get the recipe for a meal that we share as family… Labelling technology as the worst demon/drug of the time I think is exaggerating, for sure the usage it has sometimes is bad, but I truly believe it has helped is greatly. Going of the grid is not the ultimate solution, no for everyone at least, but learning to use it is

  7. Wonderful insights… Folks are becoming more disconnected with the TRUTH of who they are as a result of this addiction. Tech is a tool, not a life style.
    What would happen if the subjects in this short clip were asked to close their eyes for a while and just watch their Breath? Ahem…..

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