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Home » HOW MUCH MONEY can you make playing POKER? (Honest breakdown) can you make money online poker

HOW MUCH MONEY can you make playing POKER? (Honest breakdown) can you make money online poker

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:36 – The talent side
00:04:06 – Effort – putting in the hours
00:08:30 – Being in the game as a professional
00:09:15 – Starting off your bankroll
00:13:24 – Acquiring the right information
00:15:06 – Laying down the numbers
00:25:18 – What to expect from the poker lifestyle
00:31:17 – Finishing thoughts

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– HOW MUCH MONEY can you make playing POKER?:


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HOW MUCH MONEY can you make playing POKER? (Honest breakdown)

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HOW MUCH MONEY can you make playing POKER? (Honest breakdown)
can you make money online poker
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40 thoughts on “HOW MUCH MONEY can you make playing POKER? (Honest breakdown) can you make money online poker”

  1. i self trained my chess rating upto 2200 i think i may have a shot. i love the study of strategy. my entire book shelf is full of chess books, i have hundreds of hours of chess training videos. when i get into something i get obsessed. I really really wanted to reach 2000 when i was starting out.

  2. if ur asking this question in 2018…….forget it……lmao people have been asking this since 2011 and the outlook was already grim……i heard its extremely extremely difficult to even break $100,000 a year on pokerstars now………only a tiny miniscule handful of people make it…….

  3. Using sites with recreational players like william hill or ladbrokes and playing small stakes while having moderate knowledge but not enough to win against players on poker stars will I be able to be profitable?

  4. Unbelievable. Its true, I found their website pppclub. net .Thank you bro. The game is too simple and easy to win. Just subscribe and start earn. Online support is available.

  5. I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about biggest mistakes poker players make try Giizabauth Greenback Generator (search on google ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my colleague got great results with it.

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  7. What do you think about differences in the return rate for online vs live poker? I know guys like Andrew Neeme are talking about much less return in live poker: 5bb/hour. I guess it would make sense from the perspective of the number of hands you play in online poker. But if that is the case, I can't wrap my head around the fact why one should focus on live. Any comment?

  8. I needed this video. For the past 8 years I'm stuck at the micros, busting bankroll after bankroll, stop play start play. Maybe this game ins't for me ahahha I will stick to others activities.

  9. I stopped playing because it was bad for my nerves. But the strategy i used worked for me:
    I strated with 1$, playing only SitNGo, when I made it 20$ i played woth 2$buy in. When I came to 50$ i played with 5$ buy in. The thing was, when i came to about 100$, i loose it in 1 hour, because of bad beat. So all i need is control over myself which i didn't have… i am not agreeing going straight to 500$ it can easily make you want to comeback when you loose them and that leads some to play for the money only and loose even more. Start with 1$. Enjoy the game. Do you jump into deep water to learn how to swim?

  10. You have to have income coming in besides piker period if you don’t you don’t stand a chance you also have to be super cheap with money and not play to high advice get a good job career making 5-10 k a month take shots on the side can’t go wrong ….. set your bankroll to never ever lose more then a 1000 a month your welcome

  11. Thank you for the content. I’m a dealer also but I’m starting to play more. I mainly play NLH but I’m starting to study more PLO thanks to you. My biggest challenge is that I live in California so I don’t get to see thousands of hands online like foreign grinders do. I guess I’ll try ACR!

  12. Great video and amazing how you did dive into the Poker-World!

    It is a different story for someone who has a lot of money already and it is not necessarily easier.
    You always need to be aware that your skillset needs to be ready for the higher limits, and some time ago it was not easy to take the low limits serious enough to always play my A-Game. It's just to interesting to find out if the opponent is really bluffing or holding the nuts if it just costs a few dollars, even if you know it is -EV.

    Your advice to disconnect the money issue from the motivation of poker playing was very important for me. Only with this disconnection I am able to play my best in any game, and I don't care if it is a 5000 USD MTT or a 1,50 USD HU. Surprisingly so far I am more successful in the High Roller Tournaments above 1000 USD and up as in tournaments with lower buy-ins and the Higher HU games as in the lower ones, but somehow I like it that way.

    I am really enjoying your Mastermind Program and I think it is really improving my game a lot.

  13. Good video, especially at the end. Most poker players end up losers in the long run due to rake, in ability to get up when they lose. You can have 10 winning sessions, but if you can't get up after a losing session, you would end up losing it all in one session.

  14. Hey JNandez. There is an average amount of hours to become pro in anything – 10k. Love your videos so far. I play O8 MTTs and now I'm interested to add some PLO because of lack of game. Any bits of advice?

  15. Its all bullshit on computer,ive been donked that many times with quality hands its unbelievable. Then i go play at my casinos and win win win win winnnn.fcuk on line,its rigged.

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