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How much MATH in FINANCE? finance math

How much math will you see in finance? How much math in finance major? How much math will you do on the job? Those are some very common questions I get. Each finance program will have vary on the intensity of the level of math it sees. Some jobs will be more math intensive than others and the CFA is very math intensive. Watch to find out more.

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How much MATH in FINANCE?

How much MATH in FINANCE?

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How much MATH in FINANCE?
finance math
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36 thoughts on “How much MATH in FINANCE? finance math”

  1. I’ve been thinking of doing a major in mathematical finance. I have a good background in maths but I not really good at probability and statistics. I was wondering how much of statistics is involved and if it would be advisable for me to still take on the major despite my overall good background in mathematics thanks

  2. Hi I wanted to become a health care admin but I was wondering how well do you need to be be in math what math courses would one take what should one major in ? Thank you

  3. Math is literally just symbolized deductive logical statements. The problem with education today is that they skip the philosophy foundation of our knowledge, so nobody truly understands what they're speaking about other than the people that actually take the time to go back and learn philosophy. My advice to people; go back and learn philosophy (Specifically logic), then move forward. You'll see how easy math becomes and you'll be kicking yourselves that you didn't learn this sooner.

  4. I ran into this video / channel looking for scripting languages besides MQL.

    Guys … Umm … How is this creature roaming free out in the world? We need to get her in a lab and collect data and run experiments on her and hopefully figure out a way to clone her …

  5. Hi I’m thinking of switching to finance how many calculus will I have to take ? I’m already taking calc 1 . Will I have to take calc 2 or 3

  6. How do you fail college algebra, but end up with an "A" in calculus. Don't you need to be really good an algebra, geometry and trigonometry to excel in calc? I don't get it.

  7. I'm going to be freshman and will be doing finance and I happen to be pretty good at math. Is there another major I should be doing or will finance be good for me since I'm good with math?

  8. Hey Kayla. I have a question I hope you can answer. Is a double major (accounting and financial management) worth it or should I just focus on one? Also, is finance better than accounting or accounting better? I've heard that an accountant can do anything a finance major can do. How valid is that statement? Also, is the CFA worth it? Thanks in advance

  9. Hi Kaila, I just really confused between the CFA, MBA, CPA and MSF degrees.
    Really hope you'd make a short video explaining..
    Thank youu!!!

  10. Hi Kaila thanx for the great vid again, I am studying finance (investment banking) and want to learn Excel as you mentioned the necessity of it, w/c I found out helpful and I saw a lot courses like Excel VBA, Macros, data analysi… can you help me out which Excel course is relevant to my program.

  11. In most positions on wall street, you don't need much of math unless it is quant. If you do option pricing or similar derivatives, you need math but it is not up to super high level. They hire PHD or something but actually the math you need is just up to calculus, linear algebra, and some probability theory. All they want is someone that is not scared of math. But to make money, no math is needed. It, however, should be noted that in the future as we enter the era of data science and artificial intelligence, math is necessary and will be more and more valuable.

  12. Coming from business administration background, I had a very poor math skill. After I finished my bachelor program I studied msc in economics. I had shit load of maths in my msc program. Though it took a little longer than usual for me to finish this program, it really improved my math skill. Now I'm doing my 2nd msc in financial mathematics and I really love it. Math is fun once you start enjoying it instead of trying to learn it to pass the exam.

  13. Embrace math because there’s no escape. Start by examining your pay stub (for the employed) and bills (those who pay bills), all math. That’s just the beginning.

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