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Home » How I made $70K in 30 DAYS on Etsy 😳 | HOW TO SELL ON ETSY make money online etsy

How I made $70K in 30 DAYS on Etsy 😳 | HOW TO SELL ON ETSY make money online etsy

In this video on how to sell on Etsy, I’m spilling the beans on the top 5 strategies I used to make $70k on Etsy in just 1 month! This past month has been INSANE (in the most amazing way) for my Etsy shop and I want to share with you what we did to level up so you can implement the same strategies to increase YOUR Etsy sales! Selling on Etsy doesn’t have to be a mystery- there are a few proven tactics you can implement today to get those Etsy sales and have a successful Etsy shop! Not to mention, the industry of making money online has never seen such steady growth, so if you’re an Etsy beginner now is the time to jump in! You may just be researching side hustles or you may be dialed in and totally ready to start your online business- either way, this video is for YOU!

In this video, you’ll find my top 5 Etsy selling tips for how to get sales (or how to get MORE sales) on Etsy! These Etsy tips can be applied for those looking for info on how to sell on Etsy for beginners all the way to seasoned Etsy professionals looking to take your Etsy shop to the next level! If you’re looking for ideas on work from home jobs no experience required, I highly suggest starting an Etsy store- you will be able to do what you enjoy and see the fruit of your effort first hand. Working from home does take hard work and effort but is SO fulfilling. This Etsy tutorial on making money on Etsy is a great first step to learning what you need to know to have a successful Etsy shop!


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We love sharing our story and the way we’ve found success with you. Of course, I can’t talk about this without giving Jesus the glory. We work hard with the tools we have but ultimately HE is the one who has brought in every order. “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps” -Prov. 16:9


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How I made $70K in 30 DAYS on Etsy 😳 | HOW TO SELL ON ETSY

How I made $70K in 30 DAYS on Etsy 😳 | HOW TO SELL ON ETSY

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How I made $70K in 30 DAYS on Etsy 😳 | HOW TO SELL ON ETSY
make money online etsy
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35 thoughts on “How I made $70K in 30 DAYS on Etsy 😳 | HOW TO SELL ON ETSY make money online etsy”

  1. I'm a graphic designer finally jumped in and open my etsy store. I'm 3 weeks in over 700 sales! Averaging about $1200 a week. More then my old 9-5 job and I'm doing what I love. I waited over 5 years procrastinating just DIVE in people worth a shot could change your life. Dont be discouraged stick with the process. Blessings

  2. 👋Hello there sorry for dropping on announced I'm kara from florida🇺🇲 I'm a trader and with our guidance and help of our trading bots you can make steadily income through binary day trading and crypto mining ✅

  3. Hey Kate I have a question. I just started my etsy shop and I want a way to start a mailing list of my customers, but how do I get my customers to give their email as part of the buying process?

  4. Hi Kate, love the content. I began my Etsy shop on the 22nd of January. I’ve been uploading consistently as well as really researching where I want my brand to go. I sell Horror themed coffee mugs, I want to open a coffee shop one day and I figured this made sense. I have so much fun creating and coming up with captions and over all just running my store. I haven’t made any money yet, which is ok, however alot of people on YouTube have mentioned “profitable” niches. My question is, is my shop TOO focused? Too niched? I really don’t wanna spend time making something strictly to make money, I’d much rather make money selling what I love and I know others will love too. Any advice would be great. I’m brand new and want to stay true to myself and my brand. Thanks

  5. Hi ! I'm a teenager who is gonna start a business after finishing class 10 that is about 4 months … Can you please tell me what are the things I wanna do before starting the business… ? And how to get cutsomers ?

  6. I just saw your video about what you would do if you were going to start a digital business from scratch and right away I thought, 'I wonder if she's a Christian?', because I can see Jesus in you. You hadn't even finished 2 sentences before I had that thought. You confirmed that in this video when you gave the glory for your success to Him. That's my heart too. Thank you do sharing!

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