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Home » HOW I GOT MY JOB AT ACCENTURE – College | Final Round Case Interview & Why I got Hired (PART 2) technology architecture accenture

HOW I GOT MY JOB AT ACCENTURE – College | Final Round Case Interview & Why I got Hired (PART 2) technology architecture accenture

EVERYONE asks me how to get a job in consulting, and I tell you EXACTLY how I did that in this video. I am currently a technology consultant in NYC at Accenture specializing in Workday Financials software implementations. Due to how in depth I go with my tips and thought process, this is a two part series.

This video is on how exactly I prepared for my final round interview (behavioral and case interview with executives), how it went, and if you stick to the end, WHY Accenture hired me!

0:00 Intro
0:53 How I prepared for final round interview
4:48 How my final round case interview went
7:40 How my final round behavioral interview went
10:03 Why Accenture hired me

Make sure you watch the first part of this series on how I got my job in consulting that explains why I applied to Accenture, how to stand out at the career fair, what to prepare for in the application process, how I prepared for the first round interview, and exactly how my first round interview went:

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DISCLAIMER: The opinions and thoughts are my own and do not necessarily represent the thoughts, strategies, or opinions of Accenture.

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HOW I GOT MY JOB AT ACCENTURE - College | Final Round Case Interview & Why I got Hired (PART 2)

HOW I GOT MY JOB AT ACCENTURE – College | Final Round Case Interview & Why I got Hired (PART 2)

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HOW I GOT MY JOB AT ACCENTURE – College | Final Round Case Interview & Why I got Hired (PART 2)
technology architecture accenture
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26 thoughts on “HOW I GOT MY JOB AT ACCENTURE – College | Final Round Case Interview & Why I got Hired (PART 2) technology architecture accenture”

  1. Thank you so much for these videos. I have my final interview this Friday for an Accenture a consulting analyst position. BTW does Accenture provide relocation assistance? My first preference is not an option because the office is full so I'll have to move a few hours away for the second option.

  2. Hi Christine,
    I really appreciate the time you took in this video to thoroughly explain each aspect of the interview, from the prep to the thank you emails.
    I actually have my final round interview for Accenture on Friday, and I would love to hear any other advice or experiences you have to share.
    Thank you so much for your video and your wisdom in this area!

  3. Hi Christine! I have an interview coming up for a senior data analyst role at Accenture, I was wondering if you have any insight on that interview process? Thanks!

  4. Hi Christine! I'm looking to prepare for the final interview (remote) and I'm certain things are quite different from your experience these days… but perhaps you can provide some insight into what your day-to-day was like as you started your role as a technical consultant with Accenture!
    Thank you so much for making this video, btw! This is the job I didn't know I wanted! I have a varied background in culinary, management, and have a degree in video game design, plus recent graduation from a coding boot camp. I feel like I've been preparing for a role like this for the past 10 years of my life. How can I prepare for this? What, besides networking, which has been blown out of the water (both by the pandemic and the fact that I suddenly have 7-14 days to prepare) can I read or study to be ready to nail this interview??
    I appreciate you and any feedback you can provide! Please feel free to reach out to me privately as well. Thank you kindly!

  5. Such an awesome & inspiring video! I feel I just got a level of much needed insight! I’m prepping for my digital assessment tomorrow and I’m try8ing to rack in all the info I can!

  6. Another Accenture Consultant over here! 👋 – I made a similar video about how much I got paid at Accenture Australia. Great to see more Youtubers releasing content about breaking into the field. I remember interviewing at Accenture and finally getting the job offer. Good luck with the Youtube Hustle.

  7. I am a new graduate applying for the digital consultant position at Accenture in Japan. I prepared my case interview based on your video, absorb all the tech-related information I could find before the interview, and kept the framework (you mentioned in another video) in mind when doing the case interview. And I get into the 2nd round of interviews! (which probably will be the final one !!!!)
    So I really need to say thank you, that's so useful.
    If possible, can you give me some advice on how to answer the question "What do you want to achieve at Accenture?" How can I make sure that my answer does not go too off the topic and actually fits the expectation of this position?

  8. Hello, i have a quick question, i recently got an interview for Accenture CDTS role and was wondering do they send you the information on the case study booklet beforehand? Or do you have to find it online?… As i tried looking for it however i could not find it.. As i really want this position, and if you could provide extra details about this role. I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you

  9. Great video! I am currently waiting for a response on my application to see if I’ll get an interview. I would love to get in contact with you and discuss all about Accenture and the recruitment process! Let me know 🙂

  10. Hello, thank you for making this very helpful video!! I was wondering how long it took for Accenture to get back to you if you got the job or not after your final interview? I know you mentioned getting a call to confirm the location the next week after your interview. Then after that you mentioned Halloween but I am not clear on the time length. Thank you!

  11. Hi Christine,

    I just cleared my first round of interview for a tech consultant role. I'm a bit nervous about the second round.. could you plz give some suggestions… it is a servicenow tech consultant role..any idea regarding the same? They seem to be focused on JS and few logical questions like case study..i guess

  12. I love this video!!! I especially like your banquet story, this shows how important it is to network and always be professional. Very helpful video, thank you Christine! 🙂 Also, could I ask a follow-up question? You mentioned at 7:28 that we should take notes during the interview so that we can write details in the thank you email. But should we actually write it down on paper to show that we are paying attention, or would you recommend us to just remember it by heart? Thank you Christine 🙂 Have a great week!

  13. Hi Christine, Thx for sharing the valuable experience. I just passed the first round phone interview for the graduate role. There is an online Technical test as the second stage. Do you know what's that gonna be like and how to prepare?

  14. Dying with how cute your cats are! I love how calm you were after your final round interview. My heart was beating out of my chest and literally pscyho-analysed everything the interviewer did and said!!

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