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How I Became a Personal Finance Expert | Lawyer Explains finance law

I love sharing personal finance knowledge to help people build wealth and create their dream lives. So how did I become a personal finance expert? I’m a banking and consumer finance attorney and I’ve spent 18+ year working in the finance industry. In today’s video I’m sharing more about my background, how I became a banking and finance attorney, and what exactly a banking and finance attorney does.

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We are Tasha & Joseph a millennial couple balancing kids, jobs, money, and life.

One Big Happy Life is our website which focuses on creating a life you love by finding the right balance between your personal and financial goals.

Life isn’t just about one thing but money touches on just about everything. Personal finance doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming.

Our goal is to empower you to take charge of your money and create the life you want.

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How I Became a Personal Finance Expert | Lawyer Explains

How I Became a Personal Finance Expert | Lawyer Explains

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How I Became a Personal Finance Expert | Lawyer Explains
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38 thoughts on “How I Became a Personal Finance Expert | Lawyer Explains finance law”

  1. This was a great video! My only question is: do you have to study economics or finance in undergrad to become a consumer finance attorney or have you seen others from different backgrounds become consumer finance attorneys based on what they specialized in during law school?

  2. I am going to start my bachelors of business administration with emphasis on risk, insurance, and finance services. But what you do sounds sooo interesting!! Law school may sounds like a great direction for me. ❤️thanks for sharing

  3. This was fantastic info (and you look gorgeous btw). I’m considering going back to law school at 50. I was a student in my 20s but life took me in a different direction. How long did you study for the LSAT and what was your score if you don’t mind me asking. Thanks.

  4. That was very interesting Tasha! So glad to hear that you have found what you liked and good at since you were young! Writing, reading and math are great skills to use every day!

  5. I love how informative this channel is. Every video literally make me happy and strive to better financial decisions. My question is did you also handle estate law like setting up trust funds? I would love a video breaking this topic down if you could. 🤗🤗🤗

  6. Soooo … what is it you do ??? 😂😂😂 Just kidding ! It’s nice to know my son’s Economics degree can lead to even bigger careers . Thanks for the info Tasha 😊

  7. great content, I am curious, if you read from notes when you give a talk by looking at the camera or just from memory? also which camera do you use to do your youtube videos? is it the main camera or webcam?

  8. This was great information. Some of your experience sounds like auditing as well. I'm an IT Auditor and some of what you did sounds like what I do except I do it in a different way.

  9. I switched careers at 48 – from air traffic controller to family law attorney. My path wasn't as straightforward as yours. I didn't seek family law – it found me.

  10. I love your openness and how each step taught you something that you are using even today. Often people think we just arrived and its consistent work and learning that got us to where we are today! I was in the banking industry as well. Several bIg ones and some that did some very shady stuff prior to 08. I was not doing what you do but i saw some attorney types show up. Anyway Keep serving people and leading them in a positive direction!

  11. I would love to hear more about financial products that you recommend based on your expertise and also products to avoid. More content about how to read the fine print and evaluate things like warranties, terms and conditions, loans, etc.

  12. Hi! thanks for sharing! i just finished my msc in climate change, sustainable development and policy and am now working in sustainable finance and csr. Did you also look at green loans and the eu action plan created by eu comission? or i guess an american equivalent for checking the paris alignment of loans or investments? 🙂

  13. Two things, I was an econ major too, and it's such a fascinating thing to study, no? And I am applying to law school for next fall. So it is interesting to hear about another area of practice. In fact, it sounds like something I may be interested in. I'll have to research!

  14. That's amazing! I am a firm believer that a college major, career choice doesn't define us- we decide how we want to use the knowledge and can think bigger by allowing ourselves to be open to different possibilities.

  15. Lovely blouse. I am looking to soon marry my fiance. I own 3 homes. He doesn't own any homes. How could I best protect my assets in marriage and if we divorce later on in life. I know one shouldn't think negative but many say to protect my assets since I have a lot on my plate… some say put all in a Trust. Your thoughts???

  16. I enjoy learning about your experiences and how they have formed your perspective. I'm passionate about fair housing, so it's awesome to know there actually are good guys like you working behind the scenes.

  17. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experiences with us❣️🙌🏽
    You truly have a solid foundation in finance!
    Blessings, Health and Continued Success to you and your family!

  18. I really enjoy finance too! I’ll be starting law school in August and I am interested in learning more about how finance intertwines with law. I can’t wait! Thank you for this!!! You have been such an inspiration since I found your channel last year!

  19. Wow such an interesting and inspiring story. We really never know where life would take us.
    One of main takeaway that I take from this is to keep being curious, learn and work hard.

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