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Getting the Basics – Software Architecture Introduction (part 1) technology architecture

The first video of Software Architecture Introduction Course covering basics and fundamentals principles.

In these series of videos I will be doing a Software Architecture Introduction in a practical way. Many concepts like Architecture patterns like Layered Architecture, Scalability and scalable systems design, Horizontal vs Vertical Scaling, Software Quality and many other topics. In this first video of Software Architecture Course I will be covering the basics and fundamentals topics required to build an eCommerce side. I show what it’s like to start a new project and what to look for to avoid pitfalls like overengineering.

For more topics regarding Software Architecture and Design checkout the playlist:

🔖 Some resources used as reference for this and the other videos in the series:
– Building Evolutionary Architectures:
– Cracking the Coding Interview:
– Building Microservices: Designing Fine-Grained Systems:
– Risk Driven Architecture (incentivized):
– Microservices Patterns (incentivized):

– Software Architecture Patterns:
– Martin Fowler’s Architecture Post:
– 10 Common Software Architectural Patterns in a Nutshell:
– CAP Twelve Years Later How the Rules Have Changed:
– Scalable System Design Patterns:
– Design Scalable Systems:
– CAP Theorem (IBM article):

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In A Dev’ Story I explain Software Development related topics from my point of view. I’ll be explaining different topics in “Chapters” according to the stage of the story I think they belong. Hope is as entertaining for you as it’s fun for me to create these videos

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Getting the Basics - Software Architecture Introduction (part 1)

Getting the Basics – Software Architecture Introduction (part 1)

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Getting the Basics – Software Architecture Introduction (part 1)
technology architecture
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44 thoughts on “Getting the Basics – Software Architecture Introduction (part 1) technology architecture”

  1. Building a site …

    What the system should do ?(Functional requirements)

    Search inventory

    Check reviews

    Buy a product

    Review past orders

    How should a system behave?(Non-functional requirements)

    Maintainability(work for several yrs)

    Scalability(able to serve millions)

    Reliability(available 24/7)

    Efficiency(Short response latency)


    Legal compilance

    Time to market



    Talent hiring


    Some of the restrictions and requirements can conflict for eg – portability vs scalability/maintainability

    After prioritizing we need to think if it will be acceptable or not then we star designing the architecture.

    How to design architecture ?

    Try to tackle one thing at a time.

    Recommended book- Software architecture pattern.

  2. Great video, special thanks for the free ebook reference. I just started working as a Business Analyst and I need understanding that on a fundamental level, even if I'm not coding.
    Thanks a lot!

  3. I do have one tip that’s honestly just my opinion. In future videos maybe somehow add some bass to your voice not because it’s annoying or anything but the speakers strain the ears without proper bass.

  4. Thank you I think every programmer have to learn software architect after learning a programming language and a framework but information in internet are not practical most of time , thanks again ❤️

  5. Your non-functional requirements in the beginning are too ambiguous. Non-functional requirements must be concrete and testable, but saying that it must have "short response latency" is not testable. This goes for the others as well, except for the one about reliability 🙂

  6. Oh no ese libro de patrones de arquitectura de software se ve buenísimo! Pero al entrar me aparece un error 🙁 podrías darme el link directo? o sabes que paso con el libro?

  7. For me this is very helpful. Presented in a very clear, structured and short ( without overengineering :)) way. Definitely will watch the rest of videos in the playlist. Subscribed. Thanks a lot.

  8. Heyy can you please share the PDF of "Software Architecture Patterns" on google drive or somewhere and share the link pleaseeee I will really appreciate it. As it is my course book and I need it right now.

  9. Fantastic overview! The approach is so much clearer than the current textbook I'm reading. Thank you for helping make sense of the topic. Also thanks for the book recommendation.

  10. This video has more 24000 views. But the Subscribers on this this channel are less than 2k . Please people hit the subscribe Button and don't forget to hit the Bell icon. Let's go People .
    Thank you.

  11. I have been looking for a simple explanation of Software Architecture for a long time and then stumbled upon this video. So happy that I found this, the concepts are made very clear and appreciate the tutor taking us thru the definitions in simple words. Kudos!!

  12. Do you know where I can find an Architecture Design template (just to serve as a reference) for very early-stage startups? Just so it can develop and deploy the MVP. Thanks!

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