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Home » Fed Chair Jerome Powell holds news conference following FOMC meeting finance live

Fed Chair Jerome Powell holds news conference following FOMC meeting finance live

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Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell gives news conference following latest monetary policy statement.

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Fed Chair Jerome Powell holds news conference following FOMC meeting

Fed Chair Jerome Powell holds news conference following FOMC meeting

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#Fed #Chair #Jerome #Powell #holds #news #conference #FOMC #meeting
Fed Chair Jerome Powell holds news conference following FOMC meeting
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47 thoughts on “Fed Chair Jerome Powell holds news conference following FOMC meeting finance live”

  1. He protents that he knows what he's talking about and they are really researching or investigating a biggest scientific matte. history repeats itself we need a rate rise now which means we end up with recession (in worse case scenario) or keep on printing and you'll end up with social unrest or revolution–Pick your poison

  2. The big bubble is about to bust. Choice HYPERINFLATION vs INTEREST RATES bad either way. The FED has created the monster and they have to go nuclear to kill it. Period

  3. The outlook for the economy remains uncertain because your excessive low rate policy has coked up every asset class in the economy. Waiting to see what happens is no plan, and as all our great presidents have warned us despotism would be our future.

  4. The wealthy got wealthier off these low interest rates while the poor and fixed income suffer mightily.., The economy's booming and unemployment is low according to the left, so what's the hold up on raising rates? Trying to hold back the inevitable before the midterms?…,Jeromy and his lefty minions would have us believe that inflation is due to a supply chain issue as if food in fuel were sitting in a cargo ship off the port of Long Beach. Talk about misinformation…., I guess he thinks we're all idiots

  5. Success depends on the actions or steps you take to achieve it. Show me a man without investment and I'll tell you how long it takes to go bankrupt. Investing creates a safe haven for the future. With the right investment choice that has at least a 2% minimum risk and with the advice of an expert, profits and interest are 💯% guaranteed.

  6. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY: If the Fed’s rate is raised more than 0.25-0.50, the US government must allocate almost one trillion dollars for bond interest rate payments. I see several-rate rises as empty threats. While the Fed’s rate is currently very low, the US government already pays almost half-trillion dollars interest payments to bondholders, which is equivalent to the total health annual budget. Now if they double the Fed’s rate, imagine the US government has to sacrifice education, defense, social securities, infrastructure, and health in the budget for interest payments for bondholders. Please check the US budget yourself. Don’t be fooled by this propaganda.

  7. Manipulation, pure and simple. From Covid, scare tactic constructs to a Marxist/demonic lust for a one world order, with a 21 point agenda playbook carefully followed by a plethron of secret societies, the end game of ultimate power and wealth transfer is playing out before your eyes.

  8. I loved how he excused himself for a second because he was writing down a question he was being asked lol……..doesn't he know the question well in advensed of the meeting?, how else can he read his scripted answers ?

  9. Raising interest rates is a scam for the wealthy class whom all politicians (dem or repub) serve! Raising interest rates benefits the cash wealthy because they can keep buying real estate in cash and cheaper as housing costs fall (slightly!! not enough to make up for interest rates!!) while the rest of us cannot reasonably afford to take out a mortgage which we need to buy a home due to interest rate increase. And same for any other loan needs.

  10. Powell, "now that we spent over a year giving the hedge funds trillions of dollars we are going to crash assets and real estate so they can get a sale. We recommend you buy gold and silver because things are going to suck."

  11. I own a stock that even before this crashed and is not affected by this. Allarity Therapeutics can only go up now but is dependent on NDA approval and whether Stenoparib really proves to work against Covid.

  12. Inflation makes seniors and the retired who have saved all their lives…burns this money away and creates poverty. Many workers and retiree's stick to secure government investments which are returning under or near 1% and so there is no investment to put money in that is safe and gives a decent return on investment. So, there is no way to cover your savings with secure investments so you just watch as your money burns up and becomes smoke in the sky. Why is this bad ? Well, with savings gone, these older people will have to resort to food stamps, energy assistance, state or federal Medicaid, and government housing. So today we burn savings and in a few years the debt to the taxpayer grows and the standard of living for the elderly decline to the point of being dependent on Welfare.

  13. Reading about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as income in investments even in this crazy days in the market,any pointers on how to make substantial progress in earnings?would be appreciated..

  14. DO your jobs properly… The Gov't is the reason why US economy is at risk and the whole market…Now you are facing this crisis because you did not do your job in the first place… I hope the corrupt people will pay for all of these…

  15. While bitcoin’s wild <price movements might seem random, they are often driven by the same fundamental catalysts as in the traditional markets. Some claim bitcoin is impervious to shocks that affect global finance; it’s a hedge against things like inflation and a sure bet against tides of uncertainty. Moves within traditional finance can boost or burn bitcoin’s price because they determine how easy it is for financial epicenters like Wall Street to invest in bitcoin..yes, read the charts, however, ZOOM OUT and think of the WHY's, regarding the action of the last weeks and going forward. Everything has changed and will change fast in these months ahead. Cant be ignored if advising.Keeping all this in mind, it is important to trade with the right strategy when going into the crypto world. Paul charlton's Signals has been doing a great job reviewing all chart, trade and techniques on BTC which has enhance the growth of my portfolio to 19 BTC with 2.1 btc lately.You can reach Paul on ͲeIєɠɾαm👉CHARLTONTRADING

  16. I bought the dips in stocks recently but after hearing this joke of a press conference I’m selling all my stocks at 930 am because I foresee more huge drop offs. F this.

  17. Very honest. Hes just saying if inflation dosent go down they will get it down by hiking interest rates. People coming first before stock market by the sounds of it

  18. Rates were meant to be a couple of years away and NOW they have to raise them as quickly as possible and STOP the printing as thats whats actually causing most of the current inflation but they wont admit that. 120 Billion a month, what do you expect from that injection???
    NOW one side of the ledger is massive printing, debt, Stocks and housing MEGA Bubble and heights and the other side HAS to balance at some point. What sort of crash do you think will happen soon? anything like 2008 or maybe 1929? They were only one thing that crashed.!!!!
    This will be unlike anything this planet has seen and nothing can stop the widespread carnage that will follow…..

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