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Fake Tech d fake technology

Bob prompts a discussion about technology that blurs the lines of reality in this hilarious episode full of gadget scams, 00’s game nostalgia, and if the mute button could exist for real life. .

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Fake Tech

Fake Tech

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Fake Tech
d fake technology
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32 thoughts on “Fake Tech d fake technology”

  1. Did you not have a Gameboy, sure it isn't internet or a phone but the amount of time wasted on it each day was insane, we Gameboy raised people always knew phone/internet would combine into a small handheld device, more so if you ever played a megaman game, & the extreme end was Net Navis, before that digital monsters.

  2. On the topic of juicers, I saw a juicer (I believe made by HarvestRight) that looks like something from a steam punk dystopia, and it was expensive (beyond reasonable prices), thing legitimately looked like the terminators innards, not to mention it was the size of an oven

  3. The sad part is all the new super cool extremely futuristic tech from now on will all probably be locked behind a paywall to us plebs because it will all cost trillions of dollars while most people still only have thousands at best…

  4. How're we to tell the difference between real life and VR in the future? Well, VR will be more realistic and look better than real life. That's how you'll tell.

  5. Sad story short: a youtube channel like the one they talked about at 19:00 existed for real here in Italy and it was popular… the guy was an idiot acting like a "chad" there were voice of him being a pedo but then he started dating a model-wannabe

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