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Evolution of Display Technology [1940 – 2020] technology evolution

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Evolution of Display Technology [1940 - 2020]

Evolution of Display Technology [1940 – 2020]

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Evolution of Display Technology [1940 – 2020] technology evolution
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42 thoughts on “Evolution of Display Technology [1940 – 2020] technology evolution”

  1. This hardly even touches on the actual history of display technology and is full of mistakes and illogical assumptions where it does. Just name it Modern Consumer Displays with no history or evolution.

  2. German Telefunken translates to Tele-Sparks.
    "Funken sprühen" (emit sparks / sparks flying) wasnt quite desirable for electronic devices, though happend quite often in that time i guess 😅

  3. You are a great music producer so you should definitely know that you S's areuttkwcloud you should try a deSer they have plug-ins that remove the S or lower their volume. Other than that I am s huge down your work. I think your work is the best on YouTube. Keep up the good work

  4. I come from the "embedded world". Basically REAL real time computing. I remember when Microsoft introduced Win CE, for "Real time" apps. They thought 50mS (0.05 sec) was adequate. Clueless newbs ! Sampling speed is application dependent. Sometimes 50nS (0.000 000 05 Sec) is not fast enough.

  5. Do you remember Cathode Ray Tubes ? Of course I do. I graduated high school in the mid 70s. I'm an electrical engineer, and have used, and still own CRT oscilloscopes. Though, my daily use "scope" has a graphical LCD display. The old scopes (and TVs) were purely analog, and what was on the screen, came directly in, at the same time. No memory. Modern displays, get their display data from memory (RAM), by way of a processor.

    Active matrix LCDs made laptops practical. Passive LCDs are fine for your calculator, but too slow for a larger graphical panel.

  6. I don't mind an advertisement video, especially not a well made one, but some more clarity to the fact that it is basically a commercial for Xiaomi would have been nice.

  7. What I think happened here is that Xiaomi approached ColdFusion with a sponsorship deal for a video, which isn't anything out of the ordinary for larger YouTube channels (I bet half of you reading this could do a SkillShare or SquareSpace ad from memory at this point) … The problem most likely stems from ColdFusion having allowed Xiaomi to be an active participant in his usual creative process for determining the contents of his videos. Most Youtubers only allow sponsors to have a veto regarding their sponsorship of a basically finished end-product.

  8. 결국 아무리 기술적인 성과를 이루더라도 결국에는 그것을 우리에 눈에 보이게 하는 디스플레이가 있어야합니다. 그런 디스플레이의 역사를 1940년 부터 시대순으로 잘 나열해주셔서 잘 이해할 수 있었습니다. 감사합니다.

  9. This isn't the evolution of display video its literally an advert. What the fuck. You even have harshtags for their phone in the description. Shame on you for selling your integrety. Drop in the pond of viewers but for whats its worth I'm done with the channel.

  10. take touch screen 4 granted? bruh i remember when i was a kid and my first time using a touch screen it was magic,
    at first i was confused because it had no buttons but then i touched the screen and i was like yoo how they do that?

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