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What is email marketing and how does it work? What do email marketers do? What are the benefits of email marketing for businesses? Learn everything in this complete email marketing course for beginners.

In digital marketing, email marketing plays a crucial role in generating leads, finding good clients, driving sales, and accelerating business growth. If you are new to digital marketing or want to learn email marketing for free, then watch this full tutorial. By the end of this complete email marketing tutorial for beginners, you will become skilled at how to do email marketing.

👉 What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is the digital marketing process used to send promotional emails to customers/subscribers. It drives sales or generates leads which help to build a community around your brand.

Modern email marketing no longer focuses on one mail for the mass; instead, now it is more about consent, segmentation, and customization.

👉 How Does Email Marketing Work?

Wondering how email marketing works? It is not a complicated process. Email marketing is fairly intuitive and often automated. Businesses, with the help of an Email Service Provider (ESP), send marketing emails and manage email marketing campaigns.

👉 ESP facilitates the email marketing process. It ensures:

✓ email deliverability – the emails land in the inbox or not.
✓ helps to design newsletters
✓ has automation capabilities
✓ can personalize content

These features help you build a mailing list, engage with subscribers, and strengthen customer relationships.

👉 Highlights of our free Email Marketing Tutorial for Beginners:

Keeping in mind the new people, we have created the course with content related to what is email marketing for beginners. Here is what you will learn in this tutorial:

✓ Introduction to email marketing for beginners
✓ Different sources for email collection
✓ Lead magnet
✓ Advertising reports
✓ Improve email open rate
✓ How to use MailChimp?
✓ Email marketing tips in Hindi

Throughout this more than 1 hour of a free Email marketing course for beginners, you will understand how to build an effective email marketing strategy and grow your business.

Course Timestamps:
Introduction to e-mail Marketing 00:00:00

What are the different sources for collecting emails 00:08:06

What is Lead Magnet 00:14:32

Advertising Reports & Analysis 00:22:26

How to improve E-mail open rate 00:29:58

What can be different email templates 00:36:51

Introduction to Mail Chimp 00:42:15

Adding Subscribers to Audiences in Mail Chimp 00:50:59

Automated emails in MailChimp 01:01:56

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Email Marketing Full Course in 1 Hour 🔥 | Email Marketing For Beginners 2022

Email Marketing Full Course in 1 Hour 🔥 | Email Marketing For Beginners 2022

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Email Marketing Full Course in 1 Hour 🔥 | Email Marketing For Beginners 2022
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Nawaz kadri 27/12/2021 - 5:18 Chiều

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Hungama Plus / हंगामा प्लस 27/12/2021 - 5:18 Chiều Reply
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