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DVD-RAMifications (experiments and other goodies relating to DVD-RAM) technology connextras

Oh goodness. That’s a lot of video. Oh my. Golly gee. Good gravy. Great Scott. Dearest me.
Were you looking for the video that this one accompanies? (it’s a much more well-put-together video, that’s for sure) You can find it by clicking on these letters:

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DVD-RAMifications (experiments and other goodies relating to DVD-RAM)

DVD-RAMifications (experiments and other goodies relating to DVD-RAM)

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DVD-RAMifications (experiments and other goodies relating to DVD-RAM)
technology connextras
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41 thoughts on “DVD-RAMifications (experiments and other goodies relating to DVD-RAM) technology connextras”

  1. I really didn’t get much out of this, watching a optical drive write is like watching paint dry. Who even uses these dinosaurs anymore, with flash drives and solid state hard drives.

  2. DVD-RAM seems to work quite well with Linux Mint (in a ThinkPad DVD ultrabay), did not need any special drivers or software, also it doesn't do that speeding up and slowing down thing when burning, just spins at a constant rate.

  3. Win<reboot>dows !
    I rebooted LINUX once, but I was wrong it didn't help anything. I bought 20 Panasonic DVD-RAM disks, I wish I knew where they are. (Somewhere among thousands of CD-Rs and DVDs I assume.) Ron W4BIN

  4. Oh man, netbooks! I had a Samsung N300 (?) from 2009-2012, and after I souped up that bad boy with a 4GB DDR2 stick, 32GB SSD, and desktopified Windows Server 2k8R2, it was SPEEDY. Only gave it up once I got my Thinkpad t430!

  5. I had that exact Netbook and it was awesome! Back when I was in college, I had my desktop running in my room and had the predecessor to OneDrive which was Microsoft Sync and it would allow you to sync files between two systems without having to push them to the cloud storage so I would take that netbook to class and type notes on it and then have them on my desktop when I would get back. Kind of a server-client setup but VPN-less because it was done by an agent on both systems. Mine came with XP as well, but I ultimately upgraded the hard drive in the netbook to a 32GB SSD and increased the RAM in it and got Windows 7 Home running on it and disabled windows aero on it and changed the theme to Windows 7 basic and it ran pretty well. Pretty cool seeing this one on your video and still running!

  6. I seem to have discovered one drive which, athough it does seem to support DVD RAM, it seems to not support it very well, and in fact it seems the drive managed to brick a DVD RAM disc somehow

  7. Since the topic is cd's, I was always wondering:how the hell those (CD ROM cleaning) Cd's would explain them selves? how the companies claim it will clean the CD ROM, cause i can't even imagine a CD cleaning anything.

  8. Chromebook is a Linux based kernel they run software primarily in hybrid scripts aka jvm and is optimized to be compatible with Windows USB devices which if something does not work on Windows it sure is hell will not work on Chromebook which is basically a clone of windows and clone hardware also known as power PC it would be extremely difficult for chrome to build up JavaScript advertisements aka unity cash on a drive that is that illeffecant

  9. i'm too lazy to see if someone else commented this: but yes it's "A-Sus"(Like dr seuss or Pegasus as is on Asus's "About" page ) not "asis" i have always viewed it as an incarnation of "Hasus"

  10. You may still use DVD-RAM as a regular DVD-RW. You may even burn ISO images directly onto it.
    Btw I was able to format DVD-RAM to FAT32 in WinXP running in VirtualBox on a Win10 host.

  11. There are systems in the computer from bugs that could cause the drives to malfunction. All I can say is that should you decide to stop these “malicious” functions from running make sure to uninstall the Windows Store with the PowerShell before Windows Error reporting fills your C drive with log files.

  12. Why DVD-RAM never took off? Cost. DVD-RAM : about $20/disc. DVD-RW / DVD+RW: $22 for 30 discs. This is for 4GB, compare 5-pack, 16GB jump drives $14. Or a 1TB SD card about $45. I personally see transfer rates of 27 MB/second for SD cards, 8X as fast. Slower and more expensive, no wonnder everyone flocked to DVD-RAM!
    Now, pricing now may be different from what it was then, I have to believe the price point can't be much different. Seems like prices of optical disks have remained stable for twenty years.

  13. 4:16 Not all DVD burners can do RAM, around 2003-2005 the only ones compatible with the format were some LG, Asus and Nec drives. at the end of 2005 it was near imposible to find a drive not capable of writing them, the same goes for DVD + (most HP drives did support them) and lightscribe as you pointed out on another video. your experience mostly comes from "newer" drives.
    I did have the luck to work during 2005 on an electronics store that specialized on CD and DVD media (almost all our customers were bootleggers) so i had access to a lot of drive types and media.

  14. Ok, now I feel like I’m the weird one in that I wouldn’t put a random SD card with unknown data on it in, see that it has pictures, then open those pictures on the recording. 😂 I know it’s not like it’s live so he wouldn’t have to publish it, but yeah, you guys get it right? …right?…

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