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Brass Eye Special – Channel 4 Apology technology brass eye

C4 apology after slew of tabloid-led BES complaints. .

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Brass Eye Special – Channel 4 Apology

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Brass Eye Special – Channel 4 Apology
technology brass eye
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38 thoughts on “Brass Eye Special – Channel 4 Apology technology brass eye”

  1. Help help I'm offended. Wtf is being offended anyway? Increased heart rate? Face goes hot and red? A feeling and thoughts that this shouldn't be? I wish being offended wasn't offered up as a rational excuse or objection. People could be offended by anything yet it's always used without contextual back up. Like the very thing being offended is enough and something has happened with practical consequences like being stabbed. Imagine that a ward in a hospital with two people waiting for the doctors. Ones been stabbed and is bleeding one is in a bed suffered a bad case of offence. Where are the doctors going? Exactly because nothings actually happened to the person with offence. Imagine if offence was real. Chronic offence. Terminal offence. The doctor to a patient " we've found on the MRI stage 3 offence of the liver but we've caught it early. Treatment with some Twitter outrage and someone losing their job should sort it"

  2. Fuck off! That wasn’t genuine surely? Since when has channel 4 apologised for anything that’s why they employed Chris Morris where the BBC didn’t have the balls after the blue jam incident!!!!

  3. Can't think of a better compliment to the series, honestly. The equivalent of having the "Parental Advisory Warning" label on your old CDs: you know you're in for some good s$%t

  4. "Channel 4 took care to ensure no harm was caused to children".
    Did people think a comedy show was just gonna fully nonce a few kids up for shits and giggles? :')

  5. Is this true? It sounds like satire. If it is true then you need to make sure you do not live in a nation where such weakness is allowed. Its just disgusting that a human would want an apology for jokes. It makes my skin crawl.

  6. Channel 4 would like to Apologize for Prince Andrew and the distress he caused Young… Very Young… Women and Children. Channel 4 knows it had nothing to do with Prince Andrew's actions but we just thought everyone should know. Now one from our Classics Library… Jim'll Fix It Season 2 – Sally wants a pony and a sexy massage. Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself… an FBI Assassin on behalf of the Clintons and the Royals helped out a lot.

  7. This is what you get when you mix people who get offended easily with politicians who jump on the condemnation bandwagon before even viewing the special.

  8. lol nothings changed since this show came out, media still use peoples plight for ratings and the horrific paedophilic shit in the episode is actually becoming reality. Are his jokes becoming reality or is reality is becoming a joke????????????

  9. What the previous commenter fails to understand is that this was an ITC sanctioned apology. TV is governed by things like the ITC, now OFCOM, because it keeps television from devolving into porn or ultra violence. Both of those examples can be fine, but national terrestrial channels won't get away with that without needing a warning, or discretion. Stuff like this is why they should bring back things like the red triangle programming

  10. Some people are just idiots "I'm going to watch the whole of this programme and then complain afterwards rather than changing the channel." C4 should have just aired a message saying "Fuck you to everyone who complained. Get a life you ridiculous bunch of feckless twats. It was broadcast at 10.35 pm FOR A REASON!"

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