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Ancient Technologies That Science Cannot Explain! technology made it possible

Every time archaeologists unearth something new, there is a chance that it may redefine history. For the most part, historians believe that they have established a reasonably good idea about how the world would have worked thousands of years ago. We’ve uncovered various pieces of history that have shown us how the Ancient’s would have lived their daily lives and how their local governments and economies would have worked.

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Ancient Technologies That Science Cannot Explain!

Ancient Technologies That Science Cannot Explain!

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Ancient Technologies That Science Cannot Explain!
technology made it possible
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34 thoughts on “Ancient Technologies That Science Cannot Explain! technology made it possible”

  1. OMG, you actually had a picture in your video that was about what you are talking about. Yesterday I watched one of your videos and you had a picture of gobekli tepe and you said it was a stable. You need to hire a new graphics person, even if they won't have sex with you.

  2. This would have been a better more watchable video if all the extraneous bits were left out and just the actual technologies shown. Didn’t need cartoon pics and pictures of lab technicians.

  3. when you think about it, the human in it's current form has been around for well over 100,000 years, so even back then those humans had EXACTLY the same raw intelligence that we have today, not knowledge obviously, but reasoning power, so anything we could come up with in terms of a practical solution to a problem, they could do it too, so it's not at all surprising that there may be some pretty clever stuff under the dirt.

  4. Book of Enki; The pyramids and other beautiful architectural achievements were built with nonprimative tools. Their builders came from elsewhere in the Universe. Very advanced technology was used. 👽 There is literally zero chance that we are the only life in the Universe. The Annunaki were here for gold to repair their atmosphere. They got a little power hungry…
    Nature proves over and over again that life finds a way to exist. You don't honestly think that this rule is void in space do you? 🌱

  5. isn't it ironic that in time of modern technology we can not fathom how intellectual the ancients are and how they built such complicated technology without the means of doing it? maybe the formula were just there and we tend to over look it.

  6. There Is Absolutely No Verifiable Proof That Those Structures, Nor The Surrounding Temples Were Built By The Ancient Egyptians, Who Were Of Black And Brown Skin Colour, But They Were Merely Occupied And Repurposed By Them After They Arrived There After Migrating From Southern Parts Of The African Continent . . . And The Same Goes For The Gigantic Finished Megalithic Stone Structures In Present Day Israel Which Were Of Extremely Ancient Aesir, aka Annunaki Design And Construction . . .

    Those Far Reaching In Time Backwards Ancient Structures Were Constructed By A Race Of Either Ancient Humans With Had A Much Higher Than Us Today – 2021 Scope And Level Of Knowledge And Technology, And / Or Mental – Psychic Abilities Which They Utilized To Move All Of Those Multi To Over 1000 Tonne Stones From The Quarries 500 Miles Away, Then Lifted Them Up And Into Their Places Which We With Supposedly Higher Technological Advanced Humans Of Today Still Cannot Do, Replicate Nor Master Even With Our High Tech Cranes And Gigantic Earth Moving Vehicles, Or The Other Possibility Is That They Were Constructed By Another Species Of Either Humanoids Or Non Human Beings Which Either Lived Here In And On This Realm With The Ancient Humans, Or Came From Another Realm To Here Which Lived Here For A Time, While Creating All Of Vastly Older Massive Structures Like The Great Pyramid, Which Really Was A Power Generating Structure, Like Other Pyramids Around What We Have Been Told Is The Earth Thousands Of Years Ago, If Not Even Older . . .  

    Once Again, . . . There Is Absolutely No Actual Or Verifiable Proof That The Ancient Egyptians Built Them, Just The Ones Which Have Been Disintegrating From Being Poorly Constructed By The Ancient Egyptians Who Tried And Failed To Replicate The Structures Which Were There When They Arrived There And Re Inhabited The Area . . .

  7. Beware Of The Criminal Controlled, Compulsive Lying, $$$ Bought & Owned Pieces Of Crapidemia . . . aka The Crapidemics ;-( . . . . . . . And The Same Goes For The Compulsive Lying Criminal Controlled So Called Archeologists, Geologists And Egyptologists . . . . ;-0

  8. Your presentation, while having some interesting items, is unwatchable due to the constant switching of scenes. Most of the visual content is simply unrelated and actually spastic. So people should be aware of this presenter and forget about watching such drivel.

  9. Maybe 'scientists' can't explain, But I can: Very smart people working very hard for a long time.

    No magic or aliens needed. Most modern people are not very smart, and don't work hard. QED

  10. Another question is why build ANYTHING out of stone if they were that skilled why not use the skill to build different things that was not that wasteful of time man power and supplies

  11. The vatican has all of this information and a lot more as well as a couple of secret ancient archives you will never be told about.

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