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Home » 6 Steps To Resolve Financial Conflicts In Marriage finance in marriage

6 Steps To Resolve Financial Conflicts In Marriage finance in marriage

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6 Steps To Resolve Financial Conflicts In Marriage

6 Steps To Resolve Financial Conflicts In Marriage

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6 Steps To Resolve Financial Conflicts In Marriage
finance in marriage
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21 thoughts on “6 Steps To Resolve Financial Conflicts In Marriage finance in marriage”

  1. when was clean about al the money i earned and i would pay all the bills my husband would make excuses for not working. he went round issues and would do totally nothing . he would wait i earn a lump sum to give him to start business but he would
    not want to do dirty work of selling the groceries he farmed.he wants i earn money he decide what we do. he pretends we are deciding but deceives in a way and we end up doing his way which does not yield. he does not like paying debts but likes borrowing even from my relatives without my consent. i am angry. he would even keep rent in his pocket for w a whole month not pay it then misuse then the next month he ask me for double rent. i am bitter. i don't know who tell.

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  3. My husband had no idea how to manage money. It caused huge conflict and issues when we were first married. I started sending him an email, setting an appointment, and we would discuss financial issues. At first we did it every single night until he got more comfortable. Sending an email might seem kind of funny but that gave him some time to think about what we were going to talk about. Our debt is paid off and just have the mortgage. He wanted that cool truck, however, I convinced him that we needed to buy a used subaru with great gas mileage (50 mile commute for him). Now he tells me that he is glad and we almost have our house paid off. Now we are focusing on paying extra to the mortgage to make that happen. Everyone engaged to be married need to take a 6-week financial class and lay their cards on the table before they get married. Maybe put that 25 k for the wedding toward debt or a house payment. Get married in the back yard and have a potluck bbq.

  4. Well I told my hubby what our savings was . The next week he only gave me a £100 to spent on house hold bills and he kept 80 his self . I spent £90 on food cost and only had £10 left he then also took the £10 off me that week . I explain that I only have the £10 left from the £100 he gave . His reply was oh well.i dont have any money as I spent £60 on my nephews and £20 on take away and that he want to buy some fags as well . My reply was okay you can have the £10 and that when you come no you can give me next week spending money for bills his reply no sorry cent as he has also spend that each day on things he needed . I got cross and his reply was so what I give you what's left of my wages. I was like but you cent expect me to run the house hold cost on whatever you have not spend that week ? Like e.g what if you just give me £50 But the bills or more and also I know I'm working but I am also paying out debts of with that and saving for the house you want to buy .

  5. Everything they said touched on an issue I had been dealing with in my marriage. It ended for the very reasons they are discussing. I just could not get my wife to communicate in general or work with me on getting debt free. I achieve debt freedom without her help but the lingering communication issues and the resentment from doing everything alone were just to much even though we were no longer struggling financially. Listen to the wise words spoken by Tai and Talaat, they may just save your marriage!

  6. hey there guys i really love this channel, i have subscribed to a lot of different channels but this is one that i can really relate to . I just looked at the video that you speak about the 13 accounts that you have. I was wondering for all the accounts that you have does the money come from you one check or source of income and then just take out some say 20-30.00, and place it in the accounts just asking to get some understanding

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