5 Digital Marketing Skills to Master for 2020 & Beyond digital marketing basic knowledge

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There are tons of digital marketing skills that are relevant for the future. In this video, we will focus on the ones that are in demand – plus our favourite resources to master the 5 digital marketing skills in 2020 & beyond!

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If you’re looking to futureproof your career, these skills will help you.

So let’s dive right into it.

The first skill you need is Digital Psychology.

As marketers, we tend to have the habit of focusing on what users are doing through analytics. Sometimes though, we forget to ask why they do it.

That’s what digital psychology is all about!

The second skill to learn is Customer Experience (or CX for short),

Marketers in the digital age must shift their mindset from selling products to selling experiences and managing that experience at every single touchpoint.

Wait, but isn’t that UX?

Not entirely. While UX focuses on the experience between the user and a product, CX looks at all the interactions between a user and a brand.

This means that every area of your business will impact CX.

So having a solid understanding of your customer’s experience is not enough. Hyper-personalisation is key to delivering a highly relevant experience to the user.

The third tip you need is Front-end Code.

Yes, for sure we can get away with not knowing code with the abundance of “coding-free” tools and solutions.

But front-end code is excellent for things like making bespoke changes to landing pages built with builders or having a better understanding of how things like tracking codes work.

Coding schools are abundant but have a look at some of our favourites in the resource link!

The fourth skill you need to learn is Video Marketing.

Video marketing is great for increasing social engagement, building authority and converting and increasing sales.

To stay on top of your digital marketing game, you really should gain a strong understanding of how to effectively utilise video. Check out Paolo’s (our Head of Video) clip on the principles of applying video across your marketing funnel.

The fifth skill that you need to learn is Digital Analytics.

We talked about the why of customer behaviour earlier and the importance of digital psychology, but digital analytics is about what.

And you need to understand both!

It helps you make more effective data-driven decisions and make predictions on when and where your prospects might appear in their buying journeys.

There you have it!

Five digital skills you should look to master to stay at the top of your digital marketing game in 2020 and beyond.

Would love to hear your thought in the comments below! Remember, you can access a list of all the resources we mentioned plus some bonus ones around Growth Marketing by following the link in the description above!


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5 Digital Marketing Skills to Master for 2020 & Beyond

5 Digital Marketing Skills to Master for 2020 & Beyond

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5 Digital Marketing Skills to Master for 2020 & Beyond
digital marketing basic knowledge
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Growth Tribe 25/12/2021 - 4:50 Chiều

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