Keiko Samuels

  • Keiko was born in Tokyo, Japan. She left Japan when she was 16 and lived in America for 30 years. She is a retired psychotherapist from California, now lives in Doi Saket with her American husband.
  • She started to work with autistic and ADHD children in Chiangmai 5 years ago using NeurOptimal neurofeedback equipment. She is certified by Zengar Institute to operate the machine and a certified instructor to certify other people. Knowing early childhood intervention is crucial when working with brain, she focused on preschool and elemental school age children.
  • She formed a charitable foundation, Educating Autistics Chiang Mai (EACM) in 2016 so that she can train teachers and make neurofeedback training available to a wider population. Her mission is to improve autistic children’s quality of life, and create an autistic friendly society in Thailand.